why does my belkin Surgecube stop my PC from booting

  Bruz 07:08 16 Mar 2013

After loosing half of my motherboard through a spike caused by a power cut. I purchased a Belkin surge cube surge protector, when I plug my PC into the surge protector it hangs on the windows 7 splash screen. In safe mode it loads all the windows files and then it hangs. After I removed the surge protector my pc took an age to boot. Hours later it was booting fine. Any one with any ideas? Cheers BruzSurge protector

  lotvic 23:45 16 Mar 2013

You might have a faulty one.

I had a look on Amazon reviews and if you click on the 1 star ratings and read those you will see that there have been a few 'failures to work'

  Bruz 04:34 17 Mar 2013

Thanks lotvic for your reply. I have now found another user with the same problem as I have. They told him it must be incompatibility with his PSU. I think that must be right as after unplugging the cube the PC took an age to boot up. After two or three boot ups it started to work correctly. I plugged the cube into a wall socket and plugged a socket tester into it and it appears to be ok, both the cube lights were on and all three of the socket testers lights were on. After reading some of the reviews and some of the outcomes I will go without a surge protector. Thanks again for your response. Cheers Bruz

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