Why does DirectX still report version 10?

  Guybrush1 07:14 22 Mar 2008


Hope you can help. After installing SP1 for Vista when I run DXdiag it still reports DirectX 10.

Should this not now report DirectX 10.1 as rumoured? I'm puzzled

Also I thought it was doing away with the search feature on the start menu....Mine is still there.

Anybody else have this......or is it normal?

Hope you can help




  anskyber 08:11 22 Mar 2008

It's the search button which has gone not the search box.

  anskyber 08:16 22 Mar 2008

PS the 10.1 may not be reported because you will not have a 10.1 compliant graphics card even though 10.1 is backward compatible?

  Guybrush1 08:56 24 Mar 2008

I have a Nvidia 8600GTS 730M card so it is only directX 10 compatible but I thought no matter what card we had the current directX version would be displayed as with previous versions of directX.

I would be interested if this is the case for everybody. Is there anyone on this forum that has installed SP1 and has it showing directX 10.1 when they run dxdiag?



  anskyber 09:02 24 Mar 2008

PS. I should have added that dxdiag reports ver. 10 for me with SP1.

  Guybrush1 12:25 24 Mar 2008

Much appreciated....stops that nagging worry that everything is not as it should be.

Overall SP1 is flawless for me but I have a new system. The only problem I had with RTM was horrendous shut down issues (up to 10 mins) but thats all gone with SP1

Thanks again for taking the time


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