Why buy the disk?

  bonga 07:47 17 Oct 2010

Am about to buy a new computer from Chillblast. Windows 7 is pre-installed but they recommend also buying a Windows 7 disk, for an extra £55. What's the benefit of the disk? Can whatever function the disk provides be achieved by some other, cheaper means?

  john bunyan 11:09 17 Oct 2010

I would buy the disc. If ever you need to do a clean rinstall following a disaster, it is a good thing to have. An alternative (in my view an essential extra) is to buy Acronis True Image (latest version) and one or more Hard drives . Then make a clone of your main drive, or an image, and do it regularly.Assume that at some stage there will be a disaster and ask if you are ready for it!

  john bunyan 11:11 17 Oct 2010

PS If a desktop, I would have a built in second HD - clone on that - and a USB HD for images and other back ups.All drives I would partition - say 100 gig for programmes, balance for data.

  GaT7 18:54 17 Oct 2010

As jb mentions, Acronis TI should be enough, & is much cheaper at £17-18 click here.

You may want to skip their latest/other version though click here.

Shame on Chillblast for not including the OS or at least a recovery disc. If it was me, I would return the PC for a refund, or wouldn't buy it in the first place. How much did they charge you to have Win7 pre-installed? Did you ask them what to do if Win7 needs reinstalling? G

  bonga 20:11 17 Oct 2010

Thanks for the advice - very helpful.

What advantage does Acronis have over using Windows own Recovery function to create then restore files from a system image backup?

How important is it to have a second HD built in? I already have an external mini hard drive so if the memory needed to do a system image backup is not huge I could use that instead?

I haven't bought the computer yet! Chillblast pre-install Win7 at no additional cost and recommend buying the OS disk as well (£55 extra). The Chillblast website sets out this option clearly so I have no problem with them. I just didn't understand enough about computers to know how to backup properly if I decline the OS disk.

  john bunyan 20:38 17 Oct 2010

Many on this forum think that ATI is easier and better than the built in Windows 7 back up. You can use an external USB HD. I have a belt and braces approach, as HD's are not too expensive compared with a loss of data etc. I have a second identical intenal HD. After a weekly scan for virus and malare and a dfrag, I make a clone of the primary drive on the second one.Then I make an image of each of my two partitions on the external hd.This may seem OTT, but I end up with 2 back ups.If you decline the disc, this back up should be enough providing you do check for viruses etc before backing up.I would still be inclined to have it just in case, but it is up to you.MS issues updates all the time, so I have only ever used the disc once, but have used clones twice after a virus.Do ask yourself what happens if you get an irremovable virus.

  Ashrich 22:36 17 Oct 2010

When buying this PC from Chillblast , as it comes with Windows 7 already installed , you are also buying the licence to use the software , the media ( the disk ) should cost you nothing , it's the licence that Microsoft charge for .

It sounds like they are just wanting to rush you for another £55 on top of the price .


  KremmenUK 07:03 18 Oct 2010

I always buy a bare PC from Novatech and original media and install from scratch.

I don't see point of paying for 2 M$ licences.

  GaT7 11:47 18 Oct 2010

'Chillblast pre-install Win7 at no additional cost and recommend buying the OS disk as well (£55 extra).'

bonga, well that's OK then. I thought they were charging you for the pre-installed Win7 AND the disc. So I thought something in the region of £110 for both.

Win7 Home Premium OEM (which is likely to be the version pre-installed) costs £70-80 on its own. So £55 is very reasonable.

It's good to have the original disc so one can do a fresh install whenever he/she wanted to. Cloning &/or restoring from an image file isn't foolproof.


'It sounds like they are just wanting to rush you for another £55 on top of the price.'

Ashrich, they are not charging for the Win7 pre-install in the first instance. So it's not as bad as we thought. G

  Pine Man 12:46 18 Oct 2010

'they are not charging for the Win7 pre-install in the first instance. So it's not as bad as we thought. G'.

They certainly are it's part of the package and you cannot use it without the licence, which you have paid for as part of that package.

The computer will run legitimately without the disk so the £55 is definitely an additional cost.

Mesh (sorry to mention that name) and many others deliver with Windows preinstalled and if you lose a disk they will happily provide additional ones free of charge.

Disks have no value it's the licence that you pay for.

  sunnystaines 13:30 18 Oct 2010

included in your purchase is the windows licence, to pay for the disk is of nominal value, and for the shop to be charging £55 is an outright ripoff.

the disc is worth having though, look to buy your pc from a more respectable dealer.

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