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Why are VPNs considered safe from being hacked?

  griffon56 12:33 06 Jul 2018

It's in the title really. Both OS's and VPN's are software but OS's seem to be vulnerable to attack whereas VPN's are not. Why is this, please?

  dwayne22 13:02 06 Jul 2018

OS and VPNs are entirely two different things. The OS is an operating system like windows and Linux which operates functions of hardware through its programming. Whereas the VPN is a Virtual private network, which is used to hide your IP on the internet so no one can track you and no one can access your data.VPN also offers multiple servers IP's, so you can access the internet from another country too. These are the benefits of VPN which make you safe from getting hacked.

  griffon56 00:05 09 Jul 2018

Thanks dwayne22, tho' I'm sure your reply is factually correct, it still doesn't explain why OS's seem to be easy to break into thro' vulnerabilities and VPN's don't. Are they all encrypted from the outset or something? or made invisible by design and, if so, why is it not possible or normal for OS's to be similarly protected, then we wouldn't have all these panics every now and then when some famous commercial organisation is hacked. I see that Zygote in Computer Shopper is always going on about the Met Police still using XP!

  wee eddie 01:01 09 Jul 2018

An OS is Windows

A Virtual Private Network is similar to your ISP

  Maria Kaylene 02:01 20 Sep 2018

VPNs are vulnerable to hacking and attacks! Here's one of the latest click here and there's been a few. The reason you see attacks less on VPNs is for multiple reasons:

  1. It's horrible publicity and could break a VPN company, so it's in their interest to avoid attacks
  2. It's a relatively small amount of people so not a lot of profit in it for attackers

In short, too much work for too little money.

click here is a good website if you'd like to keep on top of VPNs.

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