Which version do I buy

  golfpro 05:36 10 Aug 2009

OK its early days, but I intended to pre order a version of windows 7 from Amazon to be sent when the program is released.
At present I am running new Net Book (Samsung NC10), with English XP installed this I will keep as is for the time being until we see what 7 is like. But I also have an Acer laptop (using this to replace my very old desk-top now), this came with a German version of Vista pre-installed which I hate. This is the one I would like to install the UK version of windows 7 on as a clean install. The question is which version do I go for, the Home Premium or the Professional which is over twice the price.
Also dose anyone know if the Windows Office 2007 of which I have a copy, which was created for Vista will load into 7.

  brundle 08:17 10 Aug 2009

For the home user, HP is plenty. Pro gives you XP Mode (easily replaced with VirtualBox and an old copy of XP), ability to join domains (not required for home PCs) and backup to networks. See the article to replicate some of those features if needed; click here

Compare versions; click here

Yes, Office 2007 works with W7.

  golfpro 08:44 10 Aug 2009

I think your right, I'm going to go for the HP, it seems to be the best and cheapest for my needs.
Anyway I will probably end up installing 7 on my net book in the near future if it works OK.
Thanks for the reply.

  sonyboy 15:51 10 Aug 2009

I have a strong felling that "Home Premium" is going to be the top seller ...For most users it "ticks the boxes" that most people will need .Anyone who has tweaked Vista and improved on its functionality since the early releases...shouldn't have a lot of trouble adding the extra features that the higher versions of Windows 7 offer! I did my fair share of "grumbling" and" Microsoft bashing" when Vista was first released..but I have to admit..on the whole..Windows7 Premium seems to fit my needs ......It really seems to me that Windows7 is how Vista should have been... if it hadn't been released in the form it originally was!

  GaT7 20:14 10 Aug 2009

More detailed comparison chart at Wiki click here. G

  sonyboy 09:54 11 Aug 2009

Nice one Crossbow..that little list should cover all the bases !

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