Where is the Windows Touch Pack?

  BaboonBoy22 11:36 25 Jan 2010

Does anyone know where I can download the official windows touch pack?
I've just installed win7 drivers for my touchscreen, and it's being recognised in my computer as a device. I was hoping it would come as a windows update.. oh well.
I've found this.. click here
Is this what I'm looking for? If it is, when you come to the actual download link, there are 2. One for Windows6.1-KB968211-x64.msu and one for Windows6.1-KB968211-x86.msu.. what is the difference I can’t see a description. I’m assuming it’s one for 64 bit or 86 bit systems. Mine’s 32 bit, which as far as I’m aware most peoples are, so where can I find the 32bit version?

  boysie 12:51 25 Jan 2010

If your system is 32bit you need the x86bit version, the diffence is accessing ram as your system is 32 bit it can only access up to 4gb of ram if 64bt it can access up to 128 gb of ram, also all 64 bit drivers have to digitally signed, and more or less lastly 64bit doesn't support 16 bit programs!


  BaboonBoy22 11:35 26 Jan 2010

Thanks for that boysie, but alas it turns out that's not what I want to download after all.
Can anyone help me find the Windows Touch Pack? With all these tools and games listed in this: click here

I can't seem to find it for download anywhere!

  gengiscant 14:49 26 Jan 2010

I do not think it has been released yet.

  BaboonBoy22 15:23 26 Jan 2010

ahh.. that would be why I can't find. That's a bit daft isn't it, why have all these how to play guides, images and videos of it, if you can't even download it yet. Talk about a tease!
So has anyone seen a possible ETA on this then?

  morddwyd 19:58 26 Jan 2010

Certainly been released, as I have it on my Acer touchscreen.

Don't know whether it's for OEM only though.

  Zeppelyn 20:31 26 Jan 2010

No those links you have are not the touch pack. The touch pack is installed by the oems, i.e. HP/Sony/Acer etc so I would have thought you would already have it as you have a touchscreen. What make/model is your PC?

From googling it seems Microsoft do plan to release as a download sometime.

  BaboonBoy22 09:20 27 Jan 2010

I built my PC, and have an OEM version of Win 7 Home Premium. The only thing on there is the tablet pc tools.
It does look like Microsoft will release it for download. I'm just impatient and want to play now lol.

  Zeppelyn 16:16 27 Jan 2010

Ah right, Im certainly not recommending a torrent site but thats where you will find it.

  morddwyd 20:30 27 Jan 2010

Could have had mine - I uninstalled it!

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