where on w8 is the link to goto ms updates

  sunnystaines 12:33 11 Feb 2013

tried keys words in search but getting nowhere, there is no proper list of programs to check, and its not in the list of these apps bits.

  sunnystaines 12:50 11 Feb 2013


going round in circles with microsoft account at present, i get a confirmation email, i click on the link to confirm then get a message saying this is not my email. tried returning email with a request for assistance but the email is bounced back not known.

  sunnystaines 16:37 11 Feb 2013


sorted out that email saga after a couple of reboots it got accepted.

this whole process is driving me to frustration. lost my Norton toolbar will go to their forum later, samsung has a handy tool for updating drivers but the nvida one for graphics not sticking tried 3 times.

when these apps come on how do you get shot of them I have resorted to drag them off the screen, escape button does not help, no other options that I can find to close them.

also action centre has 3 problems it enabling firewall and spyware I fix it back the error message remains, it also reports scan drive for errors despite clicking run scan nothing happens not sure what to do about that.

  sunnystaines 09:31 12 Feb 2013


got on top of it last night all drivers accepted at last, action centre now sorted itself out.

still not mastered closing an app down once it has opened. plus to use an app takes ages to open even minesweeper and solitair.

another odd thing the samsung laptop battery is not removable, now i thought you had to remove them when fully charged to keep them lasting longer so resorted to running off the battery which is lasting very well indeed.

  sunnystaines 10:56 12 Feb 2013


when a app is open there is no bar down below i have tried this click in cornrs that does not do anything perhaps i am not doing it right, the charms side pop up is hard to arouse too.

i downloaded a couple of free pdf books on windows8 inside out and optimse/troubleshoot w8 insideout going to reread them now i have w8 and something to relate too.

very impressed with laptop, w8 a pig to get started but getting used to it a bit now [except apps]

  rdave13 11:18 12 Feb 2013

When yo have an app open then right click anywhere and you get options to do with that app. You can also go to top right to open the charms bar and get more options via settings. If you have, say, the reader app open then 'devices' under settings will allow you to print. To close an app, left corner, desktop. Once in desktop, left corner, right click the app then close. If you have multiple apps open, then in desktop, left corner and pull the mouse pointer down a bit, you then get a bar showing all open apps with the start icon at bottom.

Also in the start page, you can right click a blank space and select all apps, this brings up the 'all programs' list but in apps.

To uninstall an app, start page, right click the app, uninstall option on lower bar.

Another handy feature is, if you want to reinstall an app, open the Store app in start page, right click, select 'My Apps', you then get different choices to select including reinstalling an app.

  sunnystaines 15:48 12 Feb 2013

jock and rdave thanks i needed those tips.

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