Where is the Start button on Old-style Desktop

  jamie.long951 14:49 10 Nov 2012


I'm loving windows 8 and the new style, but I still need to use the old desktop now and again - I can get to it fine, but for some reason there is no start menu (with programs & accessories menu etc). When I was playing around in PC world there was. On my laptop the start button just takes me to the new desktop with tiles?


  rdave13 15:00 10 Nov 2012

There isn't one but in the start screen (the one with tiles)right click and in the bottom click on all apps. Scroll to the right. I've found it useful to have control panel pinned to the taskbar.

  jamie.long951 15:35 10 Nov 2012

Thanks, I've done that. However, there definitely was a menu on the laptop I demoed - maybe not the traditional start menu, but a programs menu none the less? anyone??

  rdave13 16:21 10 Nov 2012

Something to look at here, though I can't vouch how well they work, I haven't tried any.

  jamie.long951 18:13 10 Nov 2012

This can't be right though.. PCWorld wouldn't do this on the display laptops in-store would they?

For example, I have programs such as AVG anti-virus on my old-stly edesktop, that do not show up in 'all apps' on the new tile part..? So how would I open this up? There are no shortcuts/icons, so do I have to go into explorer >> program files and find the .exe everytime I want to open a program?

  rdave13 18:17 10 Nov 2012

I run Avast and it shows in 'all apps' and has a short-cut on the desktop.

Bad installation perhaps. I installed Win 8 without carrying over anything.

Tried installing and keeping programs but went belly up.

  jamie.long951 18:24 10 Nov 2012

hmmm... I have a Mcafee APP in 'all apps', I open it and apparently Mcafee was pre-installed on my laptop. A quick search through program files, and add/remove programs in control panel show there is no trace of Mcafee on my laptop?!

  rdave13 18:44 10 Nov 2012

That sounds as a corrupt install. If you've burnt the iso try doing a repair install through Win 8 or, if you go to the right corner, select settings, select 'change PC settings', under the general tab you can select 'Remove everything and reinstall Windows'. Not sure if this is good enough compared to reinstalling via a DVD iso disk but worth trying. Do not carry over any programs or docs, so you will need to back-up everything important.

  jamie.long951 19:14 10 Nov 2012

I have not updated windows 8, this is a brand new laptop I have bought with Windows 8 built-in. I booted up PC for first time and followed setup..?

  rdave13 19:36 10 Nov 2012

Now you have one up on me. After you followed the set-up did you go to desktop and click any of the crudd desktop shortcut icons? During the set-up were you asked to install any trial software? I don't know about a new machine with 8 pre-installed but there will no doubt, if bought from a known manufacturer, crudd waiting to be installed. Some might be useful such as a software DVD player or burning kit. So the idea of changing PC settings might not be a good idea on a new machine. As for the McAfee app simply right click and select uninstall in the lower bar. If windows can't find it it will remove the tile anyway. Interesting.

You have a chance for the Free Windows Media Centre up to 13th Jan next year so I suggest you get the key now as it is quite handy.click here.

As for a third party 'start' program I certainly wouldn't bother but that's my humble opinion as you soon get to know where the mouse pointer goes without thinking. In your case it might be the finger pointing.... :)

  jamie.long951 20:00 10 Nov 2012

no there were no options to install any software/trials, just choose pc name, colours, log into Microsoft account and connect to the internet.... and I was up and running? so am I missing a lot of software? I am on a lenova laptop

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