where to install OS SSD OR SSHD

  Tim-Ruben Rambø Jørgensen 13:32 31 Dec 2016

ok on my pc i got SSD 117GB and my SSHD is 1TB. should i install my OS on my SSHD ?

ik for a fact that SSHD is SSD + HDD combined somehow.

just wanna be sure before i do anything


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:24 31 Dec 2016

stick with your thread in the Helproom starting more will cause confusion

The OS is better on your SSD rather than a SSHD or HDD

  Tim-Ruben Rambø Jørgensen 15:29 31 Dec 2016

other thread is something else tho but i got what i wanted soo dont worry about it :) THX!

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