Where do I find Outlook Express

  Beth 16:31 25 Sep 2014

I'm working through a btinternet password change. I have an email from them telling me to log on to Outlook Express. I can't find it. The instructions don't match on an Outlook screen. I'm using Windows 7 with service pack 1.

  Beth 17:02 25 Sep 2014

I have Microsoft Office 2010 installed.

  john bunyan 18:47 25 Sep 2014

Outlook Express only available on XP and earlier - not W7 and on.

  Forum Editor 07:54 26 Sep 2014

I can confirm that Outlook Express is no longer available from, or supported by Microsoft.

  Batch 12:30 27 Sep 2014

An unofficial version of OE for Win7 and 8: Click Here

But I don't think that is the solution to Beth's issue at all.

  polymath 21:49 29 Sep 2014

Outlook Express? Sounds a bit strange. Or perhaps they just think everything has to be dumbed down or they'll frighten the customers (perhaps they say 'Internet Explorer' instead of browser?)

  lotvic 22:12 29 Sep 2014

I have to ask: why you are doing a btinternet password change ?

I do hope it is not in response to an email telling you to do it and to 'ClickHere' (a link in the email) then enter all your details etc etc.

if so then that is a phishing scam.

Telling you to log on to Outlook Express is seemingly nonsensical, what if you had an Apple iMac or Linux operating system or any Windows OS past XP (and even then not everyone used Outlook Express on Windows anyway).

  alanrwood 08:55 30 Sep 2014

Hi lotvic

That would seem to me to be the most likely scenario and I am just a bit sorry that no one else thought of it first. I sincerely hope Beth has not actually gone along with the email message and if so will need to change her password again URGENTLY but this time going direct to BT for help and to explain the position.

  lotvic 13:58 30 Sep 2014

Hi alanrwood, hopefully robintheumpteenth's post on 25th Sept alerted Beth to the phishing scam and I reinforced that possibility.

  alanrwood 18:38 30 Sep 2014

Yes just wanted to emphasise the situation.

  Beth 09:38 01 Oct 2014

Your posts have served to confirm my suspicions that something wasn't right but I thought I would ask, just in case I had missed something re Outlook Express. I haven't clicked on links and I've changed my password via the bt website.

Apologies for the delay in replying but part of the problem was dealing with a laptop which had slowed to a crawl. It isn't used very often, just for a presentation now and again. I decided to remove the paid-for security software and, because of the light use, thought that Windows Defender would be enough. Not a good idea. It took hours yesterday to download a free version and get things going again.

Thank you for your interest and advice which is appreciated.

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