Where can an old free copy of Nero be obtained?

  griffon56 13:49 05 May 2018

My Packard-Bell iMedia D2525 UK came with Win 7 bundled with Nero 6, Nero Express and InCD, but the upgrade to Win 10 got rid of them. I've got Nero projects which will not open without Nero, so I'd appreciate a location from which to download an old free copy. People warn against using download.cnet.com and I've seen a so-called free copy on majorgeeks.com but not rated for Win 10. Any ideas, please?

  martd7 14:50 05 May 2018

One here for Windows 10,Nero9,be careful to do a customised install as this is bundled with "ask Jeeves"

click here

  MJS WARLORD 15:22 05 May 2018

One of my pc's is a Packard bell , click the bottom left flag to show programs installed , click on the Packard bell name and you see a bottom entry marked recovery , click this and let it run , when the next window opens click the second entry down marked restore , when the next window opens click the bottom entry to restore apps , you will now see a list of pre-installed software that came with the pc , nero will be in the list.

if you have already got a copy of the web get rid of it and follow my instructions.

  MJS WARLORD 15:24 05 May 2018

forgot to say the Packard bell is 7 with free 10 upgrade and you can still find what I said , I checked before telling you what to do.

  griffon56 15:47 07 May 2018

Hi martd7, thanks for the reference, it's a long time since I've gone to an unknown website for a program and when I went to Nero itself and looked, all I got were programs listed as free, only to find that they were free trials for 15 days each, followed by automatic payments of 40 quid per year or so. Perhaps I'll screw up courage and have a look later.

Hi MJS Warlord, thanks to you too, but I'm afraid that the recovery folder wasn't in the list you recommend and the only folder of that name anywhere on the computer reported itself as empty. I must say that since the change, I won't call it an upgrade, to Win 10 I'm not surprised that remnants of the original Win 7 are no longer present. I presume that if there is a recovery folder it will be one for Win 10 and not 7. I've searched the machine for Nero too with zero results. Thanks again. Rog

  AroundAgain 09:01 08 May 2018

Hi griffon56

I have a copy of Nero Express 7, if that's of any use? Happy to post to you, if you'd like

  martd7 09:26 08 May 2018

Griffon 56

It's FREE it's the essentials package,stripped down version of Nero 9,just follow the link,as they warn in their advice,do a customised install other wise you will get the Ask Jeeves toolbar installed

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