When/how will I get Vista SP1?

  Pineman100 16:33 13 Apr 2008

Have Microsoft sent Vista SP1 out as a general automatic update yet? My wife's Vista Home Premium laptop doesn't seem to have received it.

Does it install itself just like any other Windows update, or will it inform me that it's arrived and invite me to install it?

The computer is set to update automatically.

  tullie 17:01 13 Apr 2008

Yes they have,check your update options.

  Pineman100 17:11 13 Apr 2008

I'm not sure how to do that.

I've looked at the list of installed updates, and the most recent batch were received on the 11th April - seven of them, all called either "Update" or "Security Update". Prior to that the previous batch of updates were on the 16th March.

Is the SP1 update called "SP1"?

  anskyber 18:01 13 Apr 2008

Yes it is.

BUT, it will not be offered to you if you have a non compliant driver. If you have, the driver should be offered very soon, after which SP1 will be offered.

  Pineman100 09:41 14 Apr 2008

My wife's laptop came with Vista Home Premium preloaded. The only devices that we have attached to it are an HP Photosmart C4180 MFD (which came with a special Vista installation CD) and a Microsoft mouse.

So I wonder what non-compliant device drivers we might have.

Is it possible that one or more of the system device drivers are Vista compliant, but would not be SP1 compliant?

  anskyber 09:52 14 Apr 2008


It could include things like graphics cards. The issue is not about a standard non compliance because clearly they work OK now. The issue is how the drivers were installed which is an issue for the manufacturers not you.

I was not offered SP1 either so I took an Acronis image knowing if I messed up my PC I could get things back and it would be my own fault anyway. Some have followed the same route and hit trouble others not.

I think it's worth waiting for the MS route to become available which I understand is mid April onwards. My more cavalier approach is not something I could recommend on a help forum (!)

  JITC1 11:31 14 Apr 2008

I was offered the update yesterday on the windows update. It took some time to install (it does it in stages)and all is working fine.

Do a back up in case it goes wrong before you install it as I did.

Check for windows updates and it might be there.

In my opinion, you should wait for it to be offered.

  Pineman100 13:26 14 Apr 2008

Your advice sounds very sensible. As my computer skills are limited, I will definitely wait for the modified driver(s) to be offered, then SP1 ditto.

Many thanks again.

  Coltch 13:27 14 Apr 2008

The update will appear at some stage, it is probably a realtek or sigmatel audio codec driver that is stopping SP1 from being available.

You could download the standalone installer if you're in a hurry to get SP1, although I would wait for it to appear in Windows Update just to be safe.

  setecio 14:46 14 Apr 2008

It is strange that I can't access any page that tells me this .... it would be nice on the windows update page to see a little note along the lines of 'SP1 update awaiting additional drivers'

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