When typing the solid bar

  marie-anna 05:20 30 May 2017

When I start to type (this happen last night) the solid bar that follows me when I type it disappears and the only way I find out where it is is by typing then I could see...I also have this other problem that while I type the right word it adds another word that doesn't belong there. I hope to find an answer for this too.

  lotvic 11:46 30 May 2017

Probably your sleeve catching on the Touchpad, as I explained in 2012 when you had various problems. Your 2012 thread click here

  wee eddie 09:49 01 Jun 2017

Thank you for your email. I have included it here so that others can read it.

Hi wee eddie, RE: click here an icon it was in my Documents there I was able to delete it before it was in my notification.... Thank you so much for your help! P.S My other problem when I type the letters slowly appears then after awhile it become normal!!!!!!

Rather than starting a new thread, just type your response on the "Post a Reply" box at the bottom of the page and Click "Post"

Now to the matter in hand> I have a question for you: How full is your hard drive?

As a follow up to that: Do you use Free Software such as CCleaner to clean your Cookies and other things that PCs allow to clog their Hard Drives. It's Free but they make the Free Copy difficult to find. ~ Go to the bottom of the page, click on "for Desktop", go to the bottom of the next page, on the left to will see the "Free" Version. Download it and Run it.

  wee eddie 11:37 03 Jun 2017

Marie-anna: Please reply in the "Post a Reply" box at the bottom of the page. Not by private email.

This is what you sent me: "one more thing it's a laptop I have Asper Acer."

Firstly you will need to give us the Model Number of your laptop. Secondly, it's important to be accurate, for example, your probably have an Acer Aspire.

Have you checked how full your Hard Drive is and, have you tried using CCleaner?

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