What's Hogging My HDD?

  jimforrest 16:35 10 Jul 2014

Samsung Laptop running Win7 Home Premium and 6gig RAM.

I will be retiring soon and have been gathering data together on my laptop for transfer to an archive. The Data is reports, tech drawings, spreadsheets etc and is in chunks of several gig each. Whilst organising it all I noticed the comp slowing down to a crawl, and Win Explorer starting 'falling over'. Eventually I did a reboot and on start-up I got a window stating that an external piece of equipment had caused a problem and should be removed. The only external equipment is a mouse and a second monitor.

Computer would not boot up so I used the Repair Disc. Eventually, after a memory check, it booted up - but the HDD is being continuously accessed. Ran AVG, Spybot, JRT, AdAware etc to no avail. Ran surface scan (chkdsk).

No difference. Computer is so slow it's painful. HDD is constantly accessed and programmes announce 'not responding' when trying to do anything. I've disabled most processes using CCleaner to no avail.

Tried running What's My Comp Doing but it has a missing .dll. Removing and downloading again has same result. What is worrying is that all restore points have been deleted.

So any ideas as to what is hogging the HDD or how to find it?

  BRYNIT 17:08 10 Jul 2014

How much space is free on the hard drive?

If you have little space, moving files will slow it down as it tries to read and write the large files. You will need to remove files programs from the drive to free up space.

If you have plenty of free space on the drive have you checked the drive for bad sectors? If the drive is failing it will take time searching the drive for a place to write the smallest files.

  jimforrest 17:41 10 Jul 2014

I ran JRT and it found a bad sector or module (can't recall which), and it fixed it on a reboot. I also ran CHKDSK and it found nothing. The drive has hundreds of gig spare and anyway I'm transferring the files to an external drive in a caddy (a slow process I know). Fixing the probs made no difference.

All transfers are finished now and the only prog running is Chrome with this page up. The HDD light is on solid (well it flicks off perhaps once a minute and straight back on). Loading the PC Website took about 4 mins and refreshing the screen took about 2 mins. As far as I know the comp isn't doing anything else.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:55 10 Jul 2014

Jim, I use the Windows Resource Monitor to troubleshoot disk (and network) activity - have a read here. You can click the column headings to sort the list so the busiest processes are at the top. That should make it easier to identify the culprit(s).

  jimforrest 18:33 10 Jul 2014

Cheers Secret - I'll give it a try.

  john bunyan 19:03 10 Jul 2014

Have you read this thread? It seems an answer was found to a similar issue.

Other Thread

  jimforrest 21:45 10 Jul 2014

Ok Secret - Resource Monitor seems to tell me that the CPU usage is up to 20% with avgrsa.exe, svhost.exe and searchfilterhost.exe doing a lot (on a laptop that's not doing anything). Disk activity is up to 100% with avgrsa.exe and rapport.exe (a bank security prog) doing all the running. The laptop is still idle with all this going on. Network is more or less nil. Memory lists hard faults - and avgrsa.exe is the only one causing the 'faults'. The four graphs are very spikey - strange for a machine that's not doing anything. Should I erase AVG - and what are svhost and searchfilterhost?

  rdave13 21:54 10 Jul 2014

I would run your appropriate AVG removal tool, reboot and re-install, if you wish, or find an alternative.


  lotvic 23:03 10 Jul 2014

I had that constant rapport running and high cpu usage. Open Rapport console and stop it running. Uninstall and then reinstall it.

  rdave13 23:13 10 Jul 2014

Never had a problem with Rapport but did with AVG. Possibly the two conflict. Would be easier to remove AVG and see how the PC works for a few moments before installing another AV or reinstalling AVG if you wish.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:45 11 Jul 2014

"Disk activity is up to 100% with avgrsa.exe and rapport.exe (a bank security prog) doing all the running."

That's a significant discovery Jim. Rapport does have a reputation for slowing some PCs down so the quickest and easiest thing to do is to simply stop it and see if the disk activity returns to normal. Click here and scroll down to the instructions at the bottom.

Likewise, you can simply disable AVG by right-clicking its little icon bottom-right near the clock and choosing "Temporarily disable AVG Protection". Depending on what you discover you can then make a decision on what needs uninstalling.

Because your performance problem is almost certainly caused by the constant disk activity, I wouldn't worry too much at this stage about the active Windows processes that you noticed in the "CPU" section. Concentrate for now on what's occurring under the "Disk" tab.

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