What seem to be the problem of my PC?

  DNB10 11:31 22 Jun 2016

I reformat my PC many times and I notice when I install an OS, when it ask me for the serial keys the screen flickers... After installing OS next comes drivers, but after installing, my mouse does not function very well specially the left button. And when i click a window or an Icon it just becomes faded or the cursor changes to a drag cursor, I can only use the mouse properly again if I enter the task manager then exit... CPU usage jumps to a 100%... I tried formatting HDD, wipe HDD, change to a new HDD, change to a new wired mouse, change to USB wired mouse, spray contact cleaners to ports, tried different antivirus and malware protection tools but still same problem being encountered... There's just one thing I haven't done soldering the motherboard ports. Before I do these, I need advice on what to do?

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Processor: AMD Radeon 3.4 ghz Memory: 4064MB RAM DDR3

  xania 14:44 24 Jun 2016

The only thing that occurs to me is that something is hogging the resources on your PC, and it has something to do with your Windows installation reacting with your hardware. 4GB of RAM is adequate for Windows 7 but I would have preferred 8GB.

I am wondering about over-heating and also whether there is enough power for your PC coming from the PSU.

Other than that, try removing everything except RAM & HDD, key board and mouse and see if that helps.

  DNB10 00:58 07 Jul 2016

Thanks for the post. I never thought of the power supply. I'll try and check the power output... By the way my PC have 2 fans, the additional fan might be causing the problem...

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