What partition do I click to install WIndows 10?

  Brightwater 13:14 02 Jun 2017
  BRYNIT 13:32 02 Jun 2017

What are you trying to do? Reinstall Windows 10, upgrade to windows 10 from an earlier version or duel boot windows 10 with an earlier version

If you computer came with Windows 10 pre-installed look at the instruction manual and it should tell you how to restore the computer back to factory default using the recovery partition. If you purchased a copy of Windows 10 to replace an earlier version partition 3 which says Windows is the partition to use.

  qwbos 16:00 02 Jun 2017

Another possibility is if you started with Windows 8/8.1 installed and you've upgraded to Windows 10, the recovery partition may no longer contain anything you need.

I was in this position a couple of weeks back and deleted all partitions and started from scratch. No problem installing the creators update from a DVD. All drivers downloaded/installed as part of the installation process.

  Forum Editor 11:32 03 Jun 2017

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  [DELETED] 16:48 03 Jun 2017

I'm puzzled why Lenovo takes 43 GBs of your drive. 28 GBs of that is not used.

  qwbos 02:13 04 Jun 2017


The partition structure is similar to what I had on the laptop I did a couple of weeks ago. It started with 8.1, was updated to 10, then to anniversary update. A clean install is the simplest way to tidy it up.

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