what i mean is i have been using window 7 rtm

  wizzboy 10:00 11 Aug 2009

what i mean is i have been using window 7 rtm, and even though it is not ment to be out till 22/oct i have now activated it, and even when they said no keys are out yet,now i wait to see how long it will last

  sonyboy 11:45 11 Aug 2009

Right...got what you mean ! ...Your Windows7 build 7100.. will start shutting down every two hours on March 1st.next year..
Then it terminates on June 1st. 2010 and totally expires ..You'd better make sure you get your full Release to Manufacture version before then and before the price rockets!

  Pine Man 14:01 11 Aug 2009

Are you sure you understand? Release 7100 is RC1 not RTM.

  sonyboy 14:51 11 Aug 2009

Hi Pine Man....Yep...I fully understand the difference between Release Candidate and Release to Manufacture...but I don't think wizzboy may be sure!!..Some posters other than wizzboy have got mixed up between Release Candidate and RTM
So just in case...if he has Build 7100?....I mentioned the RC sequence of shutdown procedure..If you look at wizzboy's earlier post..you'll see why he confused more than myself :)

  sonyboy 15:00 11 Aug 2009

Have just seen that I'd missed wizzboy's other post about "cracks" and "activation" etc;
If I'd seen that ..I wouldn't have bothered trying to advise him about how long a genuine RC would last..Looks as if he as been somewhere he shouldn't have ?

  Forum Editor 16:52 11 Aug 2009

each time you want to say something. Come back to this thread, and post your message using the 'Add a new response' box underneath the last post.

  sonyboy 17:54 11 Aug 2009

Looks like wizzboy has confused a good few of us..I see his other threads have now disappeared! Looks as if he's confused himself as to the dubious origin of his download too! Its highly likely he has got the "Lenovo" stolen product key !

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