WHAT HAVE I DONE!!??? cant get home page back to normal??

  laptopdunce 10:03 09 Jul 2014

HELP!!! I have been cleaning out a plug in keyboard on my windows 7 laptop and I must have pressed some keys, as the home screen is now in landscape position and the mouse wont work properly, it is showing an arrow icon and wont click on anything, let alone move around properly, I have started up in safe-mode-with-networking to get into internet and write this, but when I go into normal start up mode the home page comes up still in landscape mode with the mouse not working properly, how can I get it back to normal?? HELP!! I am on my own and havent a CLUE what to do, even looking in the help section of windows in safe mode is no help as I dont know what I am looking for, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  john bunyan 11:30 09 Jul 2014

The easiest way may be to do a system restore. Press start, type Restore, press system restore and choose default. Wait and hope.

Others will suggest other ways maybe

  laptopdunce 16:05 09 Jul 2014

OK thanks, trouble is when these things happen you havent a CLUE what to do, like that person on the 7 year old post from the link you sent, and as they said there is NOWHERE (visible) where Windows tell you how to fix this, but thanks anyway, LAPTOPDUNCE

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