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What drivers to download ?

  Nicolás Noriega 03:28 22 Jun 2020

Hey guys, i'm going to install windows 10 on my asus new laptop and I know that after doing it it's recommendable to download the laptop's drivers; but the laptop has a ryzen 7 3700U processor with radeon rx vega 10 graphics and i was wondering if i should download its drivers too or if the ones on the asus webpage will be enough, thanks.

  wee eddie 07:25 22 Jun 2020

When you say "new", what do you mean? Straight from the Manufacturer or is it a second user machine

What Operating System is currently installed on it?

  Pine Man 10:22 22 Jun 2020

Windows 10 will have generic drivers which should operate your systems hardware satisfactorily and it is probably best to install those along with your Windows installation.

After the installation you can then consider installing specific manufacturers drivers if, for example, more control is necessary or the hardware is not operating as it should.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:31 22 Jun 2020

Unfortunately windows 10 generic drivers don't always work well causing a problem such as no sound, no wireless, no touchpad or even worse no graphics.

Upgrade to 10 and then see what is not working then download the appropriate drivers.

  wee eddie 14:36 22 Jun 2020

Question: How many new laptops are sold without an Operating System?

  Nicolás Noriega 18:25 22 Jun 2020

It's new straight from the manufacturer and comes with endless as operating system

  wee eddie 18:55 22 Jun 2020

There are other considerations for you. The reason Asus use Endless is that these are very low powered and, therefor, cheap machines

Install W10 over Endless

Does your lappy have sufficient RAM for Windows 10. The Lappy has a very low power CPU and On-board Graphics. Your Windows experience maybe somewhat less than brilliant and unlikely much cop at Gaming

  Nicolás Noriega 19:03 22 Jun 2020

si no va a ayudar abrase loka

  wee eddie 19:59 22 Jun 2020

Gotta be realistic

  wee eddie 23:10 22 Jun 2020

Look, that was a guess based on what little information you have given us.

If you tell us what Model it is and it's full Specification, maybe we can give you a more informed view.

That link will tell you how to install Endless on your lappy. The rest is my, uninformed, opinion

  Aitchbee 23:28 22 Jun 2020

Your last link doesn't work, wee eddie. I get a blank page.

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