What is the disk? Why is it so high?

  Casey Carstairs 16:38 21 Nov 2017

Hiya, I am not sure what the disk is on the processes tab on Task Manager. It keeps shooting up to 100% and freezing my computer and then going back to 0% and I don't understand why. Can someone explain to me what the disk is and what my computer needs to stop it from crashing.

Usually it is Firefox, File Explorer or Photoshop that makes the percentage go up and my computer finds it very difficult to run more than one program. Also, the 'Service Host: Local System (Network Restricted)' often causes my disk to go to 100%.

What does any of this mean?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:51 21 Nov 2017

What version of windows? how much RAM do you have and how much spare space on you hard drive?

Drive is you hard drive click here about halfway down the page

you may need to alter your swapfile size as the process have used all the RAm as is then using disk space causing disk usage to hit 100%

  Casey Carstairs 22:01 21 Nov 2017

I have windows 8, I have 4GB of RAM (3.2GB used) and over a terabyte of disk space. I personalised my computer myself on PC Specialist a couple of years ago and didn't really know what I was doing so I think this is why I'm having probelms.

Thanks for the reply.

What's swapfile size?

  Govan1x 12:39 22 Nov 2017

Take it that you have the 32 Bit version of Windows. if you have the 64 bit version you could upgrade that to 8Gb.

Open taskmanager and go to start up. Disable everything on there except your security programs.

Then go to Services and disable Superfetch and stop it from running.

The computer should work a bit better then.

Just remember if needed you can go back into start up and enable anything you think is needed. Same with Superfetch you can reset it to Automatic and turn run on at any time.

  Casey Carstairs 18:48 22 Nov 2017

I have 64 bit. What do I need to buy to get 8GB RAM?

Thanks for the help, I'll do so.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:00 22 Nov 2017

MAke and model of PC or laptop?

If you have spare RAM slots you can just buy a RAM module(stick) and plug it in.

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