What is the difference between XP and Windows7?

  1936 10:34 24 May 2011

I know that 7 is new but what are the real differences between it and XP?

  Strawballs 10:53 24 May 2011

It is much better all round. Far to many improvements to list.

  chub_tor 15:22 24 May 2011
  1936 17:10 24 May 2011

"Choice between an Ubuntu or Windows OS. Needless to say that the choice for Ubuntu allows for large discounts in the price. Ubuntu also delivers the same quality OS, but requires far less resources than any MS OS would!" That looks interesting.

  Strawballs 12:52 25 May 2011

I have Ubuntu as dual boot on this machine with XP and win 7 on laptop and daughters machine and as I like Ubuntu I find win 7 the most user friendly of them all.

  1936 15:52 25 May 2011

Then I must try harder to get used to Windows7. Many thanks.

  nathanbjohnson 23:00 28 May 2011

Windows 7 is more secure, robust, and it's fast. Plus, it's reliable -- it doesn't crash as often. A lot of the improvements are under the hood - so to speak. Ultimately, that means that you benefit from a better and more streamlined computing experience. By the way, if you really need to run some older XP programs, you can get Win 7 Pro, which has a special XP mode. Note that you'll need to download that. The other major advantage is that you get Windows Media Center Edition, which allows you to easily organize and access all of your digital content. The ability to 'pin' your favorite programs to the taskbar is one of my favorite features. Also, let's not forget about the ability to do side-by-side comparisons (great for Word docs and viewing multiple websites at once). Also, you'll notice some improvements to your web browsing when you hover over the browser icon in the taskbar. Basically, it allows you to hover over each one and get a preview and then you can select one to become the active window. If you need Windows 7 for 3 PCs the best value is the 3-user edition of Win7 Home Premium. It cost's only about $149.99. Overall, critics and users agree that hands-down it is the greatest OS from Microsoft to date!

  kristain 10:30 02 Jun 2011


Some people have become so comfortable working with Windows XP that they have avoided upgrading to Microsoft’s newest operating system. The Windows Vista fiasco didn’t help matters, forcing some diehard fans of XP to downgrade to make their PCs functional again.

If you are considering upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7, be prepared for some new things, some missing things, and a few things in between. Still, the stability and usability of Windows 7 has been more or less established so you can rest assured that you are taking a step in the right direction by leaving XP behind.

  Migwell 20:34 04 Jun 2011

I now could not go back to XP which I loved at the time.

I have had Win 7 since about a month after it came out and have NEVER had it crash or BSOD or anything like that, it is as solid as a 10' thick castle stone wall.

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