Well, here we go again.....

  Forum Editor 18:44 12 Jan 2009

another Windows version is getting ready to roll, and maybe you've downloaded the beta version. If so, what do you think of it? Demand for the public beta software has been heavy - so heavy in fact that Microsoft has suspended the 2.5 million limit on downloads and will continue to offer the software for a further two weeks. If you fancy putting it through its paces take a look at this click here and see if your computer meets the minimum specifications.

If you're one of those people who think beta software is best left well alone perhaps you'll be interested in what the intrepid downloaders have to say - either way we hope you'll find this a helpful, informative addition to our forums.

  Managing ed 21:31 12 Jan 2009

We've got a free software app that will delve a little deeper than the basic system requirements:

click here

  anskyber 10:42 13 Jan 2009

Any help on installing a virtual machine so I can try it there?

Sorry, thats a bit of a hijack.

  pcmags 12:32 13 Jan 2009

My Laptop bought in 2007 was meant to be Vista compatible & i got the Vista Business upgrade for free. But sadly my laptop will not work fully with Vista, i know as i tried it in VMWare.

Will Windows 7 go the same way?
Or will users stick with XP or Vista!

  Legolas 13:23 13 Jan 2009

I was going to go down that route but somehow I don't really get the feeling you are trying it out proper. So I created a partition and will install it there and dual boot with XP....well thats the plan anyway :)

  rossgolf 16:09 13 Jan 2009

where can i download windows 7 build 7000 from legally?

  darrenrichie 16:16 13 Jan 2009

Download Windows 7 here click here

  rossgolf 18:45 13 Jan 2009

how long does the download take on average?

  Rob_08 23:27 13 Jan 2009

Depends on your download speed. On my 8MB connection it took me 40 minutes to download Windows 7.

  NayC 10:09 14 Jan 2009

pcmags... you can't say your computer doesn't run properly with Vista when you install on a Virtual Machine such as VMWare as its running within (XP?) and you can then assign it more resources (as standard it assigns 512MB RAM etc).

If you got a "Vista Ready" laptop i'm assuming its sold as a simple home or business laptop and wont be amazing specs (especially when the say its Vista Ready, as that means... it should just about work) so to try run a VMW computer running Vista from XP (or even Vista again) is generally quite a feat for a little laptop. (This is if i've assumed correctly). I dont mean any offence, i'm just saying as if thats all you've tried, then try again.

  Managing ed 10:44 14 Jan 2009

There's a good blog on Lifehacker about dual-booting:

click here

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