web page partially opens up

  roadrunner63 21:24 09 Mar 2013


First of all, i would like to say a BIG Thank You to lotvic, who was helpful with his/her advice on the 07-03-2013, in which i was struggling to remove 'search.certified-toolbar.com'.

I followed the link,& downloaded necessary software, ran then scan, & found to my surprise 9 lines in the registry attributed to this particular bit of malicious software,& couldn't wait to delete them!

I now have a query,that since i did the scan & delete,it seems my web browser doesn't fully open. I find that only a part of the page is there in the toolbar...File, Edit, View, Tools, Help, on the left hand side, & towards the right side, we have a small cross, small 'Google', Drop Down box, Search, More, Sign In, & a little spanner for adjusting Toolbar Options.

I have waited for several minutes for the main 'logo' to appear, but to no avail. I have tried the Adjust Toolbar Options method, & one box that was unclicked was 'Set and Keep Google as the Default Search Engine/Show notification if this changes. Both boxes were ticked. Internet Options...Google set as homepage.

I can see that there is some kind of trivial point here, which i cannot see at this moment in time,& i bet i end up kicking myself for it, because it was/such a blindingly obvious thing i have missed! To get the main logo though,all i do is click on the little house. From there, it works just fine.

Once again, Thanks for your help & advice lotvic.

Anyone know what i'm missing here, i'm all ears.


  lotvic 00:06 10 Mar 2013

Hey, I only pointed you to a guide - you did all the hard work, glad it worked ok to get rid of the pesky toolbar :)

Because of the 'little spanner' I'm guessing Chrome Browser?

Also I'm thinking that as 'search.certified-toolbar.com' had messed up your homepage of Google Search, you will need to re input the correct Google.co.uk as your homepage.

I would start by changing your homepage to a completely different one, close Chrome, open it again and then change it back to google by going to webpage www.google.co.uk and choosing to set it as your homepage.

Also manually check for updates by clicking the Chrome menu and selecting About Google Chrome, and Update, hopefully that should put back any 'missing bits' of program.

I've never used Chrome so am giving general advice.

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