Way to get round buying windows 10?

  Benjcz 23:31 25 Dec 2018

I need a way to get round buying windows 10 as it’s alot of money.

  KEITH 1955 11:26 27 Dec 2018

There are a lot of pirated software around you may get more than you bargained for when you install it. I once bought a game called hackers delight at a computer fair , and nearly got myself into a lot of trouble , it was NOT a game.

  Old Deuteronomy 20:25 27 Dec 2018

Don't trust anywhere selling Windows 10, or any other software, licences at very low prices. The chances are either the key won't work, because it is not legitimate or, you will get more than you bargained for i.e., malware included. The same goes for the extremely cheap offers on Amazon. If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is, don't waste your money.

  Forum Editor 14:31 28 Dec 2018

Moved to Windows Help from Games.

  alanrwood 15:15 28 Dec 2018

It is not always a problem to buy the keys from eBay or Amazon. I agree it does entail some small risk. I have purchased several and found them all but one to be fine. The one that failed after 4 months was instantly replaced by the seller. It is now legal in the EU to resell keys from machines which have been scrapped so they are still within the license terms of use on one machine. eBay goes as far as to require that a piece of hardware be supplied with the Windows key although I can't see how that is effective.

  Forum Editor 14:14 29 Dec 2018


"Not sure if it still stands."

Take a look at this for a full explanation.

  Old Deuteronomy 17:35 29 Dec 2018

It is not always a problem to buy the keys from eBay or Amazon. I agree it does entail some small risk.

I do buy OEM versions but, steer well clear of those that look suspiciously cheap and only buy from Amazon (not marketplace) and known computer hardware and software retailers.

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