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Wash and Go by Ablesoft. A cleaning program

  anniesboy68 11:34 01 Oct 2016

anyone using this program, and is it any good, trustworthy etc

  john bunyan 14:15 01 Oct 2016

I have read unfavourable reviews on this - getting rid of things that one wants. What do you want to Do? Do you have CCleaner?

  anniesboy68 14:48 01 Oct 2016

Yes have used it for years, now trying the pro version

  john bunyan 19:37 01 Oct 2016

I cannot see any advantage in having Wash and Go, as CCleaner is so safe. What extra feature are you after?

  anniesboy68 15:19 02 Oct 2016

Hi John. I have unistalled Wash and Go following your comment, will continue to use CCCleaner free edition as I have for many years. The only reason for trying Wash and Go was I had the offer [from Paragon] to have it for approx £7.00 and not the full price, hence the enquiry. Thanks for your input. Dave [anniesboy68]

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