Want to use desktop to record music

  ady888s 12:12 30 Sep 2010

Hi there,

I’ve got an Acer Aspire AX3900. I’ve just started writing songs again and want to use my computer for recording. I have downloaded Mixcraft 5 which seems pretty good but the sound quality is pretty bad (sounds distant, like I’m in another room).

Can anyone recommend an additional soundcard? Would this make a difference? My budget is not great - £20 to £40. Is it possible/worth it to upgrade to a better soundcard from the factory installed one (I guess its on board) for this price?



  ady888s 12:24 30 Sep 2010

What I really want to know is how is the difference between a generic soundcard and one that costs £30 measured?

  mgmcc 14:14 30 Sep 2010

If it sounds as though you're in another room, I'd be inclined to suspect the quality of the microphone as the first thing to look at. I have an Acer Desktop running Windows 7 and an Acer "Net-top" (Intel Atom processor) running XP. With good speakers the sound quality from both is quite astounding. It is certainly just as good as the "Creative Sound Blaster" card that I installed in an older PC.

  chub_tor 09:08 01 Oct 2010

Microphone set up may be worth trying click here

  Lex87 17:57 01 Oct 2010

Upgrading to a better sound card can make a big difference in your recording quality. A good sound card can easily be $200 USD but you might be able to find one cheap used. Craigslist or ebay or your local used computer shop can probably help.

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  john bunyan 18:50 01 Oct 2010

Sound cards are nowhere near that dear. The Creative X - Fi is what I use at about £30 - Lex87 looks a spammer.If you are intersted

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  ady888s 20:09 01 Oct 2010

Thanks everyone, i'll definitly look into these. i think I'll probably start with the mic (I know thats probably the biggest culprit). I still have my suspicions about the sound card and might consider an upgrade (5.1) for around £30-40 I guess. Might be a bit of trial and error.

Thanks again,


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