W8.1 won't boot from new Hard Disk.

  sungeipatani 12:46 02 Jul 2014

I have installed a new HD in my desktop and cloned the original disk to it. I want to boot from this disk and make it my main disk. The BIOS recognises the new disk and I have designated it as the Boot disk.

When I try to boot from it however I get a brief flashing cursor and then the screen goes blank; ctr-shift-del will then instigate a new boot with the same result.

If I revert back to the old disk and boot from that I can see that the new disk appears identical from the old disk from which it was cloned. Apart from the boot problem the new disk is working perfectly. I have tried to boot in Safe Mode from the new disk with the same result.

  rdave13 13:14 02 Jul 2014

Also disconnect the original disk and try booting from the cloned one again.

  wee eddie 14:09 02 Jul 2014

I assume that your PC is set to Boot from the C Drive.

  chesilbeachboy 14:21 02 Jul 2014

1) I Used the AOMEI software.

2) I have tried that, it made no difference.

3) MY BIOS does not specify a drive letter only a disk name so I am not booting from any specific lettered drive C: or otherwise.

  rdave13 14:29 02 Jul 2014

You need to try cloning again, freebies available such as .macrium, but more available with a search. Once cloned, connect the new drive to sata port 1 (0 on some motherboards) and leave the old drive disconnected.

  chesilbeachboy 21:16 02 Jul 2014


Thanks very much for the advice. I have re-cloned with macrium and it now works perfectly. Thanks again.

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