W7: Two questions

  [DELETED] 12:43 14 Aug 2009

I have two questions about W7:

Some forum users may remember that I have never been able to make Vista work properly on my machine. W7, apparently, uses a lot of Vista’s software. This hints to me that W7 may not work either. So, has anyone who has never made Vista work, tried W7 and found it does work?

Please note that the “Is your computer compatible with W7 etc etc” software is useless for this purpose as the Vista equivalent says my computer will work easily (as does W7 come to that).

Second question as I’m tempted to try it (glutton for punishment that I am!):

I currently have a dual boot set up between Vista and XP. It is now so long since I set it up I can’t remember how I did it. BUT, I seem to recall that Vista does something odd to hard drives and you have to be careful about its dual boot function.

This is why I’ve never got round to removing Vista, even though I never use it.

I’m thinking of trying W7 in the place of Vista. How do I replace Vista (and the dodgy hard dive problem?) with W7? And, when W7’s trial time runs out, will this upset the dual boot process (i.e. the dodgy(?) hard drive setting not let me boot to XP)?

My computer is vital for my day to day work so must not get screwed up. Is the above proposal worth trying, or is it too risky given M$’s dodgy software?

Thanks for any comments.


  rawprawn 13:29 14 Aug 2009

click here for dual boot instructions, just make sure that you install it on the correct partition.

  Quiet Life 14:32 14 Aug 2009

Well worth trying and risk free. I think that you will be pleasantly surprised with W7. When W7 expires you can merely format the partition and change the boot menu.

  [DELETED] 14:36 14 Aug 2009

OK Thanks rawprawn. If I’ve understood that link correctly, I should just be able to install W7 over the top of the redundant Vista installation.

So I will end up with the boot screen saying “W7 or earlier version” etc.

Will there be any problem when the trial time runs out?

I guess, unless I merge partitions using Partition Magic or whatever, I will end up with a redundant partition, just like now really.

I’m just a bit bothered that all this may screw up the computer.


  [DELETED] 14:40 14 Aug 2009

Cross posted Quiet Life!

OK, I can re-format the partition, but what will the boot screen do?

Perhaps someone can put my mind at rest about the idea I have that the Vista dual boot option does dodgy things to the hard drive. I don’t know why I think this, probably came during the nightmares I had trying to get Vista to work...dreams have merged into reality!


  Pine Man 14:57 14 Aug 2009

At the moment you have a dual boot system with a dodgy installation of Vista SO on the basis that you install Windows 7 over Vista and it works you are already a winner! If it is dodgy like Vista you are no worse off!

Just to put your mind at rest Vista doesn't do nasty things to your hard drive so when you want to get rid of it, in the same way as you will eventually need to get rid of Windows 7 RC1, all you do is format the partition and using your XP disk you repair the MBR by using FIXMBR from the recovery console which will get rid of your dual boot options.

  rawprawn 14:59 14 Aug 2009

You understand me correctly install over the partition with Vista on it.
The boot screen will offer both XP (thats what you are leaving)and Windows 7. You can make XP default using msconfig/boot tag.
It will not affect the hard drive. If your Hard drive is OK now you will have no problem

  [DELETED] 15:10 14 Aug 2009


Thanks guys. It’s just this half remembered niggle I had. I really don’t know where it came from.

Good info about FIXMBR.

It is very rare I muck about with hard drives/boots etc. As I say, I did it with the Vista installation over two years ago and I’ve not done it since. My aging brain can’t remember things over a few days, let alone years!


  [DELETED] 22:31 17 Aug 2009

skeletal, install win7 over your vista, then download vistabootpro, works on 7. All you do with this is tell the program where all your os are and hey presto on reboot you get a choice. EASY

  [DELETED] 12:55 18 Sep 2009


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