W7 RC on drive 2 problem

  Quiet Life 22:58 04 Jun 2009

I loaded W7 intending to put it on the first partition on the second drive. However it did not show second drive as a choice. So I loaded it on the second partition on drive 1.
W7 worked well but XP on the first partition developed faults with sound and video. The Webcam said it was being used by an other application and moviemaker had many faults.
Clean installed XP on first partition on drive1 and created a larger partition for W7 on drive2.
Again W7 did not see 2nd drive. I had previously created a similar dual boot system with Vista on the same partitions as above without any problems. Is there a way round my problem?

  Ashrich 23:24 04 Jun 2009

Is drive 2 set as a master or a slave ?


  Quiet Life 23:44 04 Jun 2009

Drive 1 is master.
Did not have a problem installing Vista on drive 2.
Does W7 leave a file on drive C when it does a lot of work upto the point when you can select a drive and then cancel? C drive seems to be getting rsther full,

  Quiet Life 18:50 07 Jun 2009

Will try elsewhere.

  GrumpyTrucker 14:38 24 Jul 2009

I had a similar problem when I tried to reinstall 7 after I was getting repeated 'cannot access drive, file system appears to be corrupt' messages. When I recreated the partition for 7 and put the disc in (running the install from within Vista so not booting from the DVD) the list of available drives/partitions did not include the one I'd just created.

Now this will no doubt be the daftest question anyone's ever asked, but did you create a drive on the partition? I only ask becasue that was my problem. I'd created the partition but left it as unallocated space - i.e like a virgin drive. I expected the install to allow me to pick it, then it would create the drive & format as required. It didn't. I had to create a drive on it (Primary) then the Win 7 setup could see it - although I didn't have to format it, just create the drive.

If this doesn't help, then my apologies but it was wrong when it happened here.

  Quiet Life 22:47 24 Jul 2009

Thanks your reply.I think that my problem is a bit different.
The second drive, that does not show, has three primary partitions The first on which I intended to install W7 has now a clone of XP. This was done before I installed W7 so I change the boot order to run it. The other two partitions contain various files.
Why W7 refuses to see this drive is a mystery.

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