W7 License Regarding New PC!

  exbrum 14:09 11 Oct 2012


I am considering in the near future to either buying two replacement PC's or to have two custom built. Now regarding the custom build, I was talking to the techie here in Cyprus and he told me that I can use my original W7 Home Prem discs to reinstall to the new PC's? I asked him is this permitted as I am sure that you can only use the license once per disc. He was adament that I could use this on the new computer.

Does anyone know where we stand regarding this?

  johndrew 15:00 11 Oct 2012

Full versions of Windows with a licence for a single PC can be used on any single machine and moved between them, but it is not permissible to use the licence on more than one PC at a time.

You can buy upgrades to Windows licences (volume licences) that will permit more than one PC to be used and this would be an option.

The actual CDs can be used for any number of installations to any number of PCs, it is the Product Key that restricts the legal number of PCs that can be activated.

  johndrew 15:03 11 Oct 2012

A bit more on Product Keys.

  exbrum 16:15 11 Oct 2012

Hello johndrew,

So from what you said my Techie friend was correct, in that if I have a new pc built, to replace my existing PC, then I can legally use my W7 disc to install to that new one. I don't intend using the old computer but will keep for spares maybe.

One thing I have to consider is sometimes, when you buy pc's from shops here some have been known to have pirated copies of Windows installed which I don't want.

  exbrum 11:47 12 Oct 2012

Oops, forgot to mark this thread as solved.

  Forum Editor 14:50 13 Oct 2012

"...if I have a new pc built, to replace my existing PC, then I can legally use my W7 disc to install to that new one"

Yes, you can, as long as it's only running on one machine all will be well, as johndrew says.

  exbrum 21:05 13 Oct 2012

Many thanks for your answere's.

  [email protected] 23:48 13 Oct 2012

I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned already - if your original Windows license was an OEM one (and the majority of home licenses are), then the license lives and dies with the machine it was installed on; you're not technically allowed to use the same license on a new machine, even if the old one is taken out of use.

  rickf 09:36 14 Oct 2012

Dave is right. It depends on whether it's a full retail version or OEM. The latter lives and dies with the machine it is installed.

  johndrew 10:32 14 Oct 2012

[email protected] & rickf

If you bother to read my post, above, in response to the question posed, I start by saying:

"Full versions of Windows .."

  [email protected] 10:40 14 Oct 2012


I did bother read your post thank you. exbrum did not specify whether his version of Windows was a full retail one or an OEM one. I never said you said anything that was untrue.

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