w7 first impression

  sunnystaines 13:38 31 Oct 2009

was in PCW today and had a look at w7 on a display machine and was very disappointed it was not a lot different from vista other than the mac icons at the front.

any vista upgraders able to post their opinion.

[my upgrade disc finally arrived in the post this morning, will load up next week sometime]

  RGB76 14:05 31 Oct 2009

I`ve taken it off my computer, get past the Eye Candy and it just looks like a cheaper version of Vista, and I think Vista is a very Good and Stable operating system now.

  sonyboy 14:05 31 Oct 2009

You will be unable to determine all the subtle differences between Windows7 and Vista by just looking at the desktop display I'm afraid.
It's whats' under the bonnet that counts...a lot of the annoyances that were prevalent in Vista have been addressed and the dreadful UAC has been made more friendly.If you are not familiar with all the "techy aspects " of O/S technicalities..then I'll not bore you with a rundown of all the improvements in the system....
You will find that as appearances go..the user interface is similar..but what matters is the way that the everyday tasks are handled and there are "shed loads " of improvements that you won't be disappointed with I'm sure! Good luck with your install by the way..The first thing you'll notice is just how much the Install routine has been improved for starters and the connection of your network is simplified no end !

  birdface 14:12 31 Oct 2009

My first impressions were why did I change from XP.
But getting used to it now and find it a lot quicker than Xp.
Mind you XP was bogged down with loads of Microsoft updates which did not help.

  rdave13 16:29 31 Oct 2009

Did a clean install on an XP machine. Knocks spots off XP in my humble opinion. Setting up printer and file sharing with Vista was painless. Fast startup/shutdown,system tray configuration better, search same as Vista and UAC you can set to your preference. Only thing I miss is that Windows Defender had a software tool under tools tab. You could control startup programs and gather info on them. This has gone. Although I like Vista (still have it on laptop} I prefer W7.

  gazzaho 16:51 31 Oct 2009

On my desktop machine Vista was a pain to boot, taking somewhere in the region of 2 to 3 minutes to get to the log in screen, then a further minute or so to get to a workable desktop. This had something to do with USB external drives and devices as I tried booting without them connected and Vista seemed to boot a lot faster, because of this I used sleep mode a lot as the waiting was a pain and unplugging and replugging drives was even more painful.

Now on my desktop machine Windows 7 boots to a workable desktop in under 2 minutes with all drives/devices connected. For this alone Windows 7 wins hands down... With me anyway. I also had problems with Windows Update failing to install updates (even on a Virgin installation of Vista) which meant sometimes having to use msconfig to switch services and startup programs off in order to update.

There are some aspects of Windows 7 I'm less than happy with, not being able to manually sort icons in folders in windows explorer being one I can mention, but for the moment I'm quite happy with it. In my opinion Vista, and to be honest UAC, got more bad publicity than they deserved, UAC never bugged me that much an extra click here and there was all that was needed.

To be honest Windows 7 is what Vista SP1 should have been, a revamp of the system. At the moment that's what it feels like rather than a newer OS.

  sunnystaines 17:46 31 Oct 2009

thanks everyone, I have vista tuned just as i like, it its fast and crisp. the PCW machine's were very slow and sluggish despite being new and having good spec.

after reading your replies now keen again to go the w7 way, was a bit put off looking at pcw machines.

  Rob_08 17:52 31 Oct 2009

I bought Windows 7 pro for a great price on Amazon on July 15th. It arrived on October 21st but i havent installed it yet and the reports its very much like Vista now make it about as appealing as sticking my hand into a fire.
So i am sticking with XP pro for now until i am 100% sure it wise to move on. Couldnt resist a copy for the money though and its there if and when i need it.

  morddwyd 19:02 31 Oct 2009

I installed the RC (having uninstalled Vista and rooled back to XP) in May.

It took me about a week before I advance ordered two copies which are now installed and running like a dream.

  rdave13 19:17 31 Oct 2009

Just cloned the HDD with Paragon Drivecopy 9 SE. Looks to have completed successfully so will swap the drives tomorrow. All the programs I had on XP have been compatible except the audio driver which Windows update sorted out.

  gigagiggles 00:28 01 Nov 2009

i've spent several days using win7 pro 64 intel quad 9550 after using vista 64 for 8 months.

the brand new features, libraries and homegroup, aren't applicable for a single user pc. the taskbar capabilities wouldn't make or break a sale. much of that i already employ with vista desktop toolbar on the taskbar. don't use aero or shake. desktop background slideshow is too cumbersome to set up if more than a few pics or subfolders are involved. deskslide works wondefully as a substitute. hate the control panel presentation. no classic available. just group large or small icon.

what i do like is the quick response of hard drive/folder access. sometimes i think it's too fast, while it waits for the rest of the system to catch up.

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