w7 favourites

  sunnystaines 17:46 01 Nov 2009

just installed w7 how do i import favorites saved to folder back into ie8.

i have tried import via ie8 but it only seems to do one at a time, anyway to get the lot over in one go please.

  rdave13 18:01 01 Nov 2009

I dragged and dropped the favourites folder to my personal folder(start and click on your name). In IE8 clicked on file- import and export- import from a file- clicked on favourites (cookies and feeds if required)-next and it might show where the bookmark folder is automatically, otherwise brows for it, then next. It imported them all.

  sunnystaines 18:09 01 Nov 2009

thanks still finding my way around, had a few probs but slowing sorting them. missing classic view of control panel already

  rdave13 18:19 01 Nov 2009
  sunnystaines 18:29 01 Nov 2009

thanks sorted as result of your link.

  ambra4 18:30 01 Nov 2009


Check out these sites it will help you to change Win 7 to your liking

Tweak Windows 7

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Windows 7 Tutorials Category

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20 Windows 7 Tweaks & Tips

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Windows 7’ Category

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  sunnystaines 19:09 01 Nov 2009

the font on some programs a bit blurred got same resolution as before and ati driver installed ok.

not sure what it is the pca web is clear and sharp

  rdave13 20:03 01 Nov 2009

If you type clear in the search bar, then click on Adjust Clear Type Text, it will bring up a wizard to adjust the text to your liking.

  sunnystaines 20:58 01 Nov 2009

tried that no different

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