W7 Anyone know the Pro's & Cons of this please!

  tein 22:24 07 Nov 2009

Mmm im not sure if this is genuine &/Or worth the gamble! im running on W7 (64 bit) Ultimate BUT its the BETA version & i am so happy with it i want to buy the FULL licence Key/Program! i have the beta version on my hard drive so when i do a fresh instal im prompted as norm by the program for the key where i can just input any genuine key so to save a HUGE amount of money ive found this & wanted to know is it worth taking the risk.??

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  tein 22:29 07 Nov 2009

& this as well.? where & how do they get the keys from.?

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  IClaudio 23:38 07 Nov 2009

... do you really need to ask?


  Spark6 00:02 08 Nov 2009

You've been on this forum long enough now surely to know better than to ask such a naive question.

  Forum Editor 00:56 08 Nov 2009

from Speakers Corner.

  Forum Editor 00:58 08 Nov 2009

I'm very surprised that you need to ask this question. You can only get a genuine installation key from Microsoft, and you cannot convert a beta version of Windows7 to a full release version - nor would you want to.

You must buy the software like everyone else.

  gazzaho 03:17 08 Nov 2009

There's this saying I once heard. How does it go now? A fool and his money are...

  tein 07:45 08 Nov 2009

Ive asked a simple question on something ive never dealt with before, i didnt know you could buy a key like this & im supprised with "Spark6" reply! have you never had a question to ask.? i simply didnt know if its genuine as there adverts state there genuine & i wouldnt of thought Ebay would of let them sell them if there not genuine.?

FE thankx for letting me know you cannot convert a BETA version to the full! i wasnt sure if the key mad any differance.?

  Spark6 09:28 08 Nov 2009

If you are offended by my comment I apologise. Before making it I was aware that you have posted a number of topics for discussion in the past and therefore were in a position to have known, from numerous other members, that these scams occur, not only on Ebay, but many other sites. Check it out!

  Forum Editor 09:38 08 Nov 2009

will stop working eventually - sometime in March next year if it's the Release Candidate - so you'll need to buy the full version if you want to carry on using Windows 7.

  sonyboy 10:56 08 Nov 2009

Simple answer mate...Its ' no Pro.... and certainly a big "Con" ....Keep well clear ! These guys' know all the scams...and it hasn't taken em' long to get into the marketplace with their "trash" ...Avoid !!

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