W7 activation didn't ask for Product Key

  Nosmas 12:19 27 Mar 2010

Having done a clean install of W7 Home Premium onto a brand new HDD about a month ago, I decided it was time to 'activate' the system. I chose the option to 'activate on line' and expected to see a window requesting the Product Key, but was very surprised when a message was displayed - can't remember the exact wording - like verifying Product Key (presumably the key entered when installing). After a few seconds the window had a link to something like "learn more about activation" and that was all. Going to Start > Computer (right click) > Properties, I read under Activation "Windows is activated" and below that a Product ID (NOT the five groups of alpha/numeric characters for the Product Key) with a link at the side to change the product KEY

Is this something anyone else has experienced? Has Microsoft changed the way that Activation is performed? Lastly why would one want or need to change the Product Key?

One last question - off topic. I have just tried to spellcheck this post but clicking on the ABC button on the tools bar does absolutely nothing. On other sites I have visited the text area becomes pale blue/grey and any errors appear in red and change to green when dealt with.

  rdave13 16:11 27 Mar 2010

Win 7 activated automatically on first install. Playing around with dual booting I reinstalled Win 7 but had to activate manually. The key is inputed during install. No idea why the option for changing the key is there; unless to correct an error. The ID number must relate to what version of Windows it is?
I use iespell as a spell checker and have to right click the post to select 'Check spelling'.

  T0SH 20:06 27 Mar 2010

I think that the "change the Product Key" option is there for use in the event of a failure to auto activate online, where you would need to call microsoft and explain the circumstances that caused the failure if they are satisfied with the explanation, they will then give you a new product key to enter by using this option

Cheers HC

  rdave13 00:20 28 Mar 2010

"change the Product Key" won't be available until the OS is activated.

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