W7 64 bit, No Twain now on scanner

  john bunyan 16:55 23 Nov 2009

I use a Canon MP760, about to buy a Canon MP 640. I use Photoshop CS4 and on XP 32 bit used the Twain process to scan and import images - you can adjust the dpi of scanning etc. With W7 64 bit I only get the WIA option to import images so have no control over the resolution. Is there an answer to this ? Photoshop says 64 bit twain is not avalilable - can I run this application in 32 bit? If so, How??

  a member 17:56 23 Nov 2009

first uninstall completely and dissconect the printer ,get the drivers from canon ,and place them on your desktop .right click the file and select run in comppatability mode ,and select an os version that the drivers definately support . after you do that install and with any luck you should be up and running soon.
the inbiult drivers with win7 only allow very basic operation.

  john bunyan 19:31 23 Nov 2009

Thanks. The uninstall in W7 is a lot more obscure than in XP ! I contacted Canon and they have a zipped file , "Canon" which I have saved but I cant see how to install it - there is no obvious .exe bit !. Also as soon as I reconnect the MP 760 , Windows immediately loads the normal drivers! Can you kinly sugges a step by step approach for a W7 virgin?

  a member 09:17 24 Nov 2009

What are the contents of the Zip file , (right click and extract)
you need to start correctly , uninstall and disconnect your printer, you need to start the process of installing the canon software first ,it will tell you at the correct point when to plug in your printer. but first we need to know what canon has sent you . is it the full driver software or just a update or patch.
extract it and let me know what files are inside , or give me the name of the zip file I will look it up on the canon website.

  john bunyan 09:58 24 Nov 2009

Here is the name of the zip file: m710x.exe .It refers to the Canon MP760, although I am also thinking of a 640 to replace it. When unzipped , it produces a folder called Canon, but then I am lost! Thanks for your help.Inside the first folder is x86 then inside that are folders Addon, Driver, Drvsetup,REadme and SGST. I think it is the full driver download for W7

  john bunyan 11:06 24 Nov 2009

Phoned Canon as their link seemed to be for 32 bit! They are sending a new link. Have uninstalled MP in anticipation - seems worryingly easy to do compared with XP !I wonder if traces are left in registry?

  a member 12:26 24 Nov 2009

it seems there is not a full driver available for windows7 in 64bit form.
go here: click here= and download the file aomwin110ea24.exe.
it will upgrade the basic driver that is already in windows 7 to get more functionality .
I fear it will not give you all the options you have been used to though .

did you try the 32bit driver for windows 7 ,its available at the canon site ,put it on your desktop and right click the exe file and choose to run in compatability mode . select a OS that will work ok with the driver ,IE . vista SP1 and click ok. this method has worked for me with epson printers and network drivers . not allways but fairly often . if your not happy with the first 64bit upgrade file .it may be worth a try.

  john bunyan 13:51 24 Nov 2009

Will try your suggestion. Waiting a reply from Canon to see if the MP640 has the same problem as my 760 is nearly clapped out. I still have dual boot XP 32 bit but was hoping to ditch it. My motherboard does not support W7 (Ult) in the proper XP mode, and would be grateful for guidance on how to tell the 32 bit drivers to work in compatabilty mode as you suggest.I do still have XP SP3, never bought Vista!

  a member 15:56 24 Nov 2009

you simply right click the file choose properties /compatability , tick the little box (run in compatability mode) and use the drop down list to choose what system you want to emulate .
I did this only last week with network adapter drivers and it worked out fine they installed and run perfectly .
printers can be a sore point when new software comes out . older models are left without drivers and when they do work you only get basic controls .
you may eventually be faced with a choice of either a new fully supported printer ,or maybe dual boot and do all your printing via XP.

  john bunyan 16:10 24 Nov 2009

Printing is fine, it is the scanning that only works in WIA mode - I wanted Twain so as to adjust dpi etc. I will try but luckily (or not) my 760 is clapped out and I have checked that the MP540 is ok with twain or WIA with w 7 64bit - or so they say! Will post back in due ime with result.

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