W10 "We can't sign into your account" files locked

  bgriffy 00:25 12 Jan 2017

I recently got back from a month long vacation that I of course took my laptop to. There were no problems the entire time, not even the morning I was to go home; however that very night when I got back I tried to log in (Windows 10) and after an abnormally long load time with a loading message along the lines of "Preparing Windows" that I never got before, got an error that I could not be logged in to my Microsoft account.

I was put on a temporary user and lost access to all my files, settings, everything. My hard drive is at the same capacity as before so I know they're still there, just out of my reach. The error message said something to the effect of "try signing out and back in" which did NOT fix the issue, not the first or the fifteenth time I tried. I've been scouring the web for the past three days and nothing has worked. What's odd is this seems to be a widespread issue, but there is no surefire fix on the net. Here's a list of things I've tried, to no avail:

-Signing out/back in

-Updating Windows and repeating the above

-Booting in Safe Mode

-Changing my Microsoft password


I'm typing this now from a new user and different Microsoft account I made to see if the problem persisted, but it did not. I sign in immediately with no weird error messages and whatever files I've created since its recent inception remain available. I've accepted that I will likely have to scrap the old user and move everything to the new one, but that's the rub; how can I access the files on my old user to get them to the new one? I have a lot of very important stuff on here that simply cannot just be replaced (please do not lecture me on backing up).

In short, my query is as follows: firstly, is there a way to solve the sign in issue? I'd rather find a fix than have to move my 600 GB of data. If there isn't a fix, how can I move these files that are on my hard drive but I can't seem to access whatsoever?

  lotvic 02:51 12 Jan 2017

Did you try the regedit as per click here

For access to the files try taking ownership as per this guide click here

  Secret-Squirrel 09:14 12 Jan 2017

Here's a list of things I've tried, to no avail:...........Restarting..........

Did you do that by selecting Restart from the power options menu? If you simply shutdown then turned the computer back on again then that'll have no effect.

It's likely that a Windows "System Restore" would help with this. Here's a link if you're not familiar with it. Scroll down to the "3. Restore your PC" section. Make sure you choose an available restore point that pre-dates the start of your problem but don't go further back than you need to. However, Windows 10 has a nasty habit of disabling System Restore so I hope you find that's not the case.

My hard drive is at the same capacity as before so I know they're still there, just out of my reach.

All your personal data files are indeed still there and they're not out of reach. I can tell you where they are if the above suggestions don't restore your original user account.

1]: [click here

  Shane_Hood 13:27 13 Jan 2017

my windows 10 pc was automatically shut down three times today.

  lotvic 14:55 13 Jan 2017

Shane_Hood, if you have a problem, start your own thread. Do not hijack someone else's thread.

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