W 8.1 displays 6 partitions.

  mrwoof 00:53 12 Feb 2018

My current W 8.1 displays 6 partitions, 3 which are marked "Recovery". My question is what are they, can I see dates of creation or inspect any information on them. The history of my Acer E!-571 (2012) Shipped with W.8. upgraded to 8.1 and a recent custom install of 8.1.ISO due to issues with a recovery with factory image W 8. My intention would be to see if my recent install has generated a new recovery partition which I could revert to should more issues arise. I do not wish to loose any Acer utilities in the process.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:33 12 Feb 2018

Need to know the size of the partitions however its likely that you have two small recovery partitions 450Mb which contain the Win RE tools one created on the install of win 8 and the second during the upgrade to win 8.1.

The third recovery partition I suspect is larger and contains the factory recovery image of the win 8 shipped with the machine. As you have now upgraded tis can be deleted and the space merged with the c drive.

  mrwoof 19:38 12 Feb 2018
  mrwoof 19:50 12 Feb 2018

Thanks for reply: click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:42 12 Feb 2018

Exactly as I suspected. Unfortunately you cannot inspect them with Disk management you will need a program like Easus Partition manager right click the partition and select explore.

You can then check the creation date of the files in the recovery\winRE folder

mine are 27/11/17 when the Fall Creator update for win 10 was done.

  mrwoof 23:21 12 Feb 2018

Elsewhere I am advised "The 8.1 install does not create a new recovery partition, or upgrade the existing one. The 8 recovery partition, which was imaged on the hard drive by Acer, remains the same. If you do a recovery to factory settings you go back to 8 again". Appreciate your time and link to Easus. Will proceed ...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:29 13 Feb 2018

The recovery 400Mb section just contains the Win RE tools not an image of 8.1 the tools allow you to access the repair menu only and do things like system restore startup repair and command prompt.

And yes if you factory restore it will go back to win from the image in the large 15Gb recovery partition, which is no use to you any longer.

Best option is to get rid of the last to partitons and merge them into you E: drive so you can use the space.

As far as recovery is concerned Best way is to download Macrium Reflect Free.

Make the recovery media so you can boot from it and make images of your partitions and save to an external source. In the event of a problem you and restore the image.

I keep my C drive small and save data to another drive that way it is very quick to restore an image, can do my 128 SSD in about 15 minutes.

  mrwoof 13:58 14 Feb 2018

click here have created an Image on my external drive and will follow your "best practice". Appreciate the learning curve !


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:03 14 Feb 2018

I image weekly (or straight after a big update or adding more important data) and always keep two images that way I will only lose a few dyas work at best

I delete older images to save on space.

Best of luck, you'll probably find now you have good backups you'll not need them :0)

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