W 10 best way to update laptop changing language

  Quiet Life 19:09 30 Aug 2015

I have a new laptop with W8.1 Home in Portuguese. I wish to update to W10 in English. It seems to be not so straight forward for me and I would appreciate advice from somebody who has done it. Pitfalls seem to be. 1. If I change language in W8.1. an update to W10 would change back to original language. 2. If I update to W10 in Portuguese changing the language is not so straight forward and some people say not possible.
It seems downloading an ISO may give a choice of languages but as being somewhat old I find it a bit confusing. Step by step help would be appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:43 31 Aug 2015

If I change language in W8.1. an update to W10 would change back to original language.

an update is supposed to leave your settings the same. so change to English first then update.

Changing the language in 10 is also easy. as the setting in the notification box all have symbols even if you cannot understand the language 6 clicks will change the language (europepean is easy, have done it from Hebrew, harder because the keyboard is different.)

  robin_x 11:28 01 Sep 2015

The original Install Language is a core part of Windows (don't know why) but Locales can be set on top of it.

I had problems because my W10 is en-US not en-GB.

Upgrades and Refresh/Reset keeping Apps, Settings and Files are not possible if you have a different language.

Belarc Advisor is the only easy way I've seen to find out your Install Language.

My advice is Upgrade in Portuguese so that your W10 is properly Activated and Licensed.

Then, if you wish to change Install Language, you'll have to make a Clean Install from USB Flash with the correct English version on it

W10 Media Creation Tool

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