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  ittiandro 20:55 24 Jan 2013

I am on Windows 7, Intel Core i3-2120 CPU. I’ like to install Win 95 as a guest system. I am using the Virtual Box Graphic User Interface v.4.2.6 r82870. Now,in Windows 95 there is ( or was!) a separate boot diskette to be inserted in the physical floppy drive before inserting the OS installation CD. My computer is recent. I have no floppy drive on it and I don’t see any setting in VM Box giving me the option to boot from an image file through a virtual floppy. Neither do I see anything to configure the CD-Rom drive , whether virtual or physical with a path to the image file of the installation disc..

Anyway, going by trial and error, I have created a Virtual Box new machine and configured the Bios as directed. I have burned the image file of the Ms-Dos 6.22 boot disc on a CD and inserted it into the CD-Rom drive. When I power it on, all I get is an error message” ‘Fatal: could not read from the boot medium. System failed.” ( incidentally, the DOS boot disc must be good, because it worked in VMWare and I was even able to install win 95 on it. Unfortunately, I had a H.D. failure. I had to reformat it and I tried for three days to re-install win 95 on VMWare, without success. God knows why. This is why I decided to try Virtual Box, which looks a LLLOT simpler, or may be too simple! Unfortunately, this time I can’t even get it started!

I don’t know if I have the right version of Virtual Box. In their site there are quite a few and I am a bit confused



  jamieamunra 17:22 28 Jan 2013

Hey buddy, try this:

1:Select a virtual machine by clicking its name in the VirtualBox window.

2: Click the "Machine" menu at the top of the VirtualBox window, and click "Settings."

3:Click the "Storage" category in the settings window.

4: Right-click in the storage tree pane, and click "Add Floppy Controller."

5: Right-click the "Floppy Controller" device, and click "Add Floppy Device."

6:Click the "Choose Disk" button in the prompt window that appears.

7: Navigate to the floppy disk image file on your computer, and double-click it.

  jamieamunra 17:26 28 Jan 2013

Or have a look at this for step by step


  ittiandro 02:26 29 Jan 2013

Thank you jamieamunra. O.K. up to step 3 At step 4 in the storage tree the first item is”Controller Floppy ( empty) “. By right clicking on it, I am asked if I want to add a floppy device. I click and then I get to a question prompt “ you are about to add a new floppy drive. Would you like to choose a virtual floppy disk to put in the drive or leave it empy for now?”. Which do I choose? Also, I can’t see a “ Choose disk” prompt.


  jamieamunra 15:19 29 Jan 2013

Hey buddy, did you create the virtual floppy disk image? You can leave it empty for now then browse to the location of the.img file before you power on the VM.

  jamieamunra 15:29 29 Jan 2013

To Select the Image just click on the Green "Plus sign & disk" on the right next to the "controller:Floppy" in your Storage tree then Choose disk image.

  ittiandro 18:17 29 Jan 2013

Thank you jamieamura.

When I click on the “ Green Plus sign” I am prompted to choose “ create disk” or “leave it empty”. If I select “Choose disk”, I get a screen prompting me to choose a virtual floppy disk file. This screen is empty. Only if I select “ all files” do I get the screen populated with 4 files (Vbox, VBoxlog.1, Vboxlog.2 and Vboxlog.3. But I don't think these are the files needed. This is all. What do I do?

  jamieamunra 09:16 30 Jan 2013

OK first you have to create the .img file that is the virtual floppy disk image from the Win95 boot disk files. you can use something like WinImage http://www.winimage.com/winimage.htm Once you have created the boot disk image mount it into the virtual floppy drive that you created in your virtual Windows 95 machine by following my previous steps. Good luck

  jamieamunra 09:18 30 Jan 2013

Or download the boot disk image from here


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