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Vista won't recognise Service Pack 1 installation

  Tycho 17:50 05 Jun 2013

I decided that it was time to reinstall Vista on my 2007 vintage Asus laptop. I used the AsusTek Recovery DVD and returned the machine to its factory settings. what I don't know is if, in the process, it reformatted the HD.

All seemed to go well and over several days getting on for 100 upgrades were downloaded and installed without a problem. Now it says that it wants to install SP1 and I go through all the routines of accepting the T&C and off it seems to go.


Instead of the hour or so to upgrade, it takes about 2 mins or less. The upgrade history says that SP1 is installed but the upgrade icon reappears in the system tray and asks me to install SP1 again. I have been through the routine a couple of times with the same result.

How do you think I should proceed from here?

In hopes...


  Tycho 22:38 05 Jun 2013

Thanks, Jaywoo

I will have a go at that when I get back from holiday on Tuesday.


  Tycho 20:13 12 Jun 2013

I had a go at jaywoo's suggestion but without success. Any other ideas, anyone?


  Forum Editor 13:15 15 Jun 2013

Moved to the Windows Vista Help forum from Digital Home Advice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:33 15 Jun 2013


It still appears to be here in the DHF at the moment.


Have a read here

  Tycho 10:57 16 Jun 2013

Thanks Fruitbat (Haven't been on here for ages so it is comforting to know that you are still around offering words of wisdom!)

I inadvertently posted this in the wrong forum so I ddidn't get the replies that I needed so I bumbled away for a bit by myself and found a couple of standalone upgrades for SP1 and SP2. These have worked and all seems fine now. Having installed SP2 and carried on with the auto update the next morning I found 113 ugrades!

All seems well now.

Many thanks for the helpful comments, though.


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