Vista won't boot normally or in safe mode.

  Truscott232 04:43 09 Feb 2013

My problem started when I tried to print a few documents; I hooked my printer up to my laptop via USB and things printed fine....until I got a message saying the spool had stopped working. After that I couldn't print anything. It appeared as though my printer wasn't being connected to the laptop, and when it tried to print the printer simply refed the paper through the spool and that was that. Alright. So I restarted the system, hoping the printer would return to normal working order, but no such luck. The spool app stopped working and things didn't change.

After another reboot, I got to the screen with users. When I clicked on mine and tried to type my password, the password screen didn't come up. So I did a hard reboot, and then my problems really started. From then on, I couldn't get past the rolling green bars with 'Microsoft Corporation' underneath. It just rolls on and on, hanging there. Thinking a System Restore would be a quick fix, I tried, but there was only one restore point available...created a few hours before. And no, it didn't work. I tried System Repair which first recommended System Restore, and then it said it couldn't resolve the problem. Okay.

Thankfully I was able to boot into Safe Mood. I tried Command Prompt - sfc /scannow (as recommended by someone). It didn't really seem to do anything, so I rebooted again, and now I cannot even boot into Safe Mode! When the drivers load, things stop at 'crcdisk.sys.'

So now I can't boot either normally or through Safe Mode. I was planning on backing up my files in Safe Mode, but now, I can't. Perhaps if I could solve the crcdisk issue, that would be fine. I simply have no idea what to do as the laptop is essentially useless until I can boot it properly. I bought it early 2008, and every time I had an issue I was able to deal with it successfully. Now? I am simply at my wit's end. If anyone can give me some advice, I would be extremely grateful. I know simply buying a new laptop seems like the easiest solution, but I don't really have the funds (I recently had to replace my desktop) and even if I did I'd like my files to be safe. I have an external hard drive, so I just need some way to back things up.

Anyway, that's what happened to the best of my knowledge. A thorough step-by-step solution would be a miracle as I'm not 100% savvy in tech lingo. I'll gladly provide any additional information if needed. Thank you to anyone who can help me through this frustrating time!

  Truscott232 16:12 09 Feb 2013

I can look for one, and if I don't have one I could certainly make my own. It seems like the only thing I haven't tried. Do system repairs generally work?

And yes, I unhooked the printer as soon as things were going wrong. I also disconnected my wireless mouse, so I have nothing plugged in in any of the ports.

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