Vista, will i or wont i?

  wolfie3000 04:06 12 Jan 2007

For the first time toay i got my hands on vista (Beta)
And i was amazed, my jaw dropped.

Now with all the bad press vistas geting is it worth me getting it?

On the one hand i want to be able to play the latest games (Halo 2)

But on the other hand my older games wont work :(

So what are your opinions on this matter?

  Kate B 07:17 12 Jan 2007

I've been using it this past week on various machines in various press rooms at CES and although I haven't had a chance really to play with it, I've liked what I've seen of it. Mind you, I've got a copy of Ultimate sitting at home just waiting for Nvidia to release RAID drivers, so it's not a financial decision for me. But even if it were, I think I'd go for it - it's a lovely OS.

And if you're a gamer - and you are, wolfie - you'll eventually want and need it for DirectX10, which promises to be awesome. I saw an early version of Crysis running at CES and even though it was buggy and running on a machine that was crashing for lack of adequate ventilation and stumbling along at 30-odd fps at a low res, believe me, it was stunning on Vista with DX10. Absolutely breathtaking. click here for a quick review of what I saw.

  Genius1 11:26 15 Jan 2007

The ideal scenario here is to have two PCs. One XP for your older games and one Vista to benefit from all the new 'experiences' you will encounter.

Vista and associated games (along with DirectX 10) certainly look fantastic and in my opinion I would upgrade.

  Esc4p3 17:04 12 Feb 2007

On the same lines, I will be buying a new PC with Vista on within the next few months. Looking at the graphics cards options now, I could go down the 'spec a good DX9 card' for the PC, and upgrade to a DX10 one later, or go the whole hog and get an 8800 up front. How long before DX10 games become widely available? Will I see any benefit on DX9 games.... Please advise

  Totally-braindead 17:50 12 Feb 2007

wolfie3000 I had thought you had already decided to go to Vista as you were determined to play Halo 2. Have you changed your mind?
How many XP games will not actually play under Vista?
I haven't got Vista but was under the impression it had a compatability mode similar to XP and that you could use that for many games. Anyone know if this is or isn't the case?

  wolfie3000 21:00 12 Feb 2007

Well Halo is an old game now and rumour has it that it wont play at all under vista,
So im sticking to XP for now until a patch for Halo is released.

  Input Overload 22:23 12 Feb 2007

I ran Beta 2 & installed the final 4 or 5 days ago & am very impressed. It's as slick as oil & worth every penny as far as I am concerned - Go for it :-)

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