Vista - which anti virus ?

  Black.Star 22:57 08 Mar 2007

Just got my shiny new Vista PC with Norton pre-loaded - not keen on Norton, so I want to replace it ASAP.

I've used AVG and Avast in the past, and wondered what anti virus you were running, whether you were happy with it, whether you had noticed any issues or conflicts with Vista etc.

Would prefer free, but no probs paying if I will get value (NOD32, Kaspersky etc ?)

Any advice, comments etc welcome

  Kate B 23:02 08 Mar 2007

I'm using AVG - it's fine, as it always was under Vista.

  Mike10C 23:38 08 Mar 2007

I have also been using the free version of AVG for approx 1 week. It seems ok, other than start up and shutting down take a bit longer than before, but better than Norton on XP.
One inconvenience I find is that there is no way to turn off AVG to allow programme installations. Perhaps I am missing something somewhere. So to get my TV card set up with the media centre today, I had to uninstall and then reinstall AVG afterwards.

  Pine Man 12:45 09 Mar 2007

I have got Bullguard 7 for the first time having tried all the usuals - including freebies.

It really is very good and you can try before you buy for 60 days AND if you like it and buy it your subscription does not start until the trial period ends.

  Pine Man 12:47 09 Mar 2007

The installation of Bullguard appeared to have little or no effect on startup and shutdown times from the PC with no security suite.

  modelflyer 14:57 09 Mar 2007

I have had problems running Avast scans, it locks everything solid. Am now giving AVG a go, and may well try Bullguard if I have similar probs.

  birksy 14:02 15 Mar 2007

AVG works just fine with Vista. My version is paid for because I liked it so much, and at £25 for TWO years is excellent value compared to some.

Mike10c - Just right click on the icon on the bar at the bottom of the screen and select "quit control centre". Should sort you out.

Semantec/Norton? wouldn't touch it with a bargepole. It permeates every part of your system. It slows the system noticeably (pre 2007 version. I believe they have improved it now) They also want around £50 each year to extend it another 12 months. When PC World does a special offer, and sell it for £30, who's gonna pay £50 to extend for 12 months. It's cheaper to buy a new copy.
Incidentaly, is anyone able to say whether you need to uninstall the old Norton before installing the new improved 2007 version? It's supposed to use less resources than before.
I've encountered more people who have had problems with Norton, than almost anything else I know about. Anyone care to lend me a crucifix and some garlic?

  rawprawn 14:56 15 Mar 2007

Avast working nicely on my Vista machine
click here

  Mike10C 17:24 15 Mar 2007

Thanks very much for pointing out how to shut it down. I knew it must be simple !
I continue to be very happy with AVG on Vista.
But as Vista is not good for games " yet! " I am planning to take Vista off and then go for a dual boot with XP. Again I will use AVG as antivirus.

  Naz62 01:36 16 Mar 2007

You should try McAfee, we find it a lot better than the rest. If your machine is no good for games then you need to upgrade the hardware, you shouldn't have to purchase another operating system.

  bennyhillslovechild 03:37 16 Mar 2007

Black.Star - just to add my experience with Vista AV:
On my XP machine, I used NOD32 and found it to be superb. I've used and had experience of AVG, Avast, Norton, McAffee, Bitdefender, Kapersky et al when setting up PCs for friends/family/clients etc, and have always been a big fan of NOD32. I don't wish to get into a paid for/freeware AV fan boy argument with anyone here, I just happen to like NOD32. Or at least I did...

I downloaded the thirty day trail of NOD32 2.7 which apparently works on Vista and installed. It installed fine after UAC had done it's bit and downloaded the latest definitions. "Yipee," I may have said. Then I attempted to do a scan. Said I needed 'administrator' access. Fair dues, but I didn't really want to keep having to right click and select 'run as administrator' so set it to always run as admin. At which point Defender would stop it auto starting. So, although I like NOD, at the moment I'm struggling with it. I've still got a couple of weeks of the trial left and I'll see if I can get it working satisfactorily and if not, I'll probably just move to AVG.

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