vista very slow

  the kopite 11:33 25 Jun 2007

Hi Guys Vista takes a year and a day to boot on my comp. I belive my specs are the problem Amd semp 3000 Sk 754. K8M800-M2 Elite M/B. Maxtor 80gb H/D. Nvida 5500 graphice card. Being a pensioner money is limited. I have however saved £200 to spend on a upgrade and wondered if you Guys can kindly suggest the compolents I most need Thanks Kopite

  anskyber 11:57 25 Jun 2007

Have a look in Control Panel, System and Maintenance, and under Performance Information and Tools look at "Check your computers Windows Experience score" It will give you some ideas about where the weaknesses are.

  Kate B 12:38 25 Jun 2007

How much ram have you got, kopite? I'd chuck some money at upping your machine to 2GB, and perhaps upgrading the graphics card.

  [email protected] 13:44 25 Jun 2007

agree with kate, computers love ram!, if you have less than 1 gb it will really struggle,
min specs:
800 mhz cpu
512mb ram
20gb hard drive with 15 gb free
support for vga graphics
cd rom
quote"certain product features are not available with min spec"
IMHO that is the very very very min spec!

recommended spec:
1 gz 32 bit(x86) or 62 bit cpu
1 gb ram
40gb hdd with 15gb free
support for dx9 grx with:
wddm driver
128 mb of graphics memory (min)
pixel shader 2.0 in hardware
32 bits per pixel
cd rom
audio output
internet access

  anskyber 14:03 25 Jun 2007

I agree with adman2 on the spec issue.

In fact Microsoft have refined their advice for specs and say the lower one set out by adman2 is now for Vista Basic only, the higher spec is now the new minimum for the Premium versions and above. click here

  anskyber 14:08 25 Jun 2007

I should add your graphics card looks well under the required minimum. click here

Did you run the Vista Upgrade Advisor?

  [email protected] 14:10 25 Jun 2007

ah! that makes more sense, i was quoting whats written on my vist case, which i bought in febuary

  anskyber 14:12 25 Jun 2007

Yes, I have only recently seen the "change"!

  the kopite 06:45 26 Jun 2007

Thanks Guys Anskybear checked performance information it says 2.6? Hi Kate B sorry forgot to mention ram I have one GB Crucial DDR 3200? If it is the grapgics card guys which one do you suggest not to up on graphics cards Thanks Kopite

  anskyber 08:07 26 Jun 2007

2. 6 is very low. The score is derived from the lowest performing component, which is?

  anskyber 08:07 26 Jun 2007

2. 6 is very low. The score is derived from the lowest performing component, which is?

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