Vista Upgrade Voucher Confusion

  ivanharding 12:43 08 Dec 2006

Hi, having just gone freelance, I desperately need a new laptop and have a Sony FE31z in my sights (it comes preloaded with XP MCE).

However, given the proximity of Vista, I am holding off until I can work out what is the deal the Vista upgrade vouchers.

I contacted the cheapest retailers (Comet and Dabs would you believe) who both said they are not offering Vista Upgrade vouchers. Some online retailers *are* offering the vouchers with this laptop but they are in the region of £50-£100 more cash.

I have seen the Microsoft UK site which says any Vista ready Sony laptop bought between Oct 26th and March is eligible to a free upgrade. Go to the Sony URL and you find yourself on their US Site; it only seems to talk about this deal being available in the US. Go to Sony Europe and there is no mention of Vista anywhere.

I don't want to spend £1000+ on a laptop only to miss out on Vista by a few weeks.

Can anyone clarify - is this deal being run and financed by Microsoft or do I have to make sure I buy through a vendor who is offering the coupon?

Thanks for your help!

  facepaint 14:19 08 Dec 2006

"(it comes preloaded with XP MCE)"

Overall this is like buying a mobile phone with a sim card with an unlimited texts deal.But you never do texting!

MCE is designed for Home Entertainment Systems really.Ideally go for XP pro or wait for Vista.The best time to buy electrical goods is after the Christmas rush but taking care not to but a turkey like the one offered. Oh your in a rush!

No one is fully upto speed as to what will happen in reality with these vouchers.

  [email protected] 22:33 08 Dec 2006

Having Media Centre Edition makes you eligable for the premium version of Vista Home where as XP home only makes you eligable for the basic version of Vista Home. Well thats the case for Dell laptops. Not sure about other suppliers

  hitherman 08:25 09 Dec 2006

i think more people would have realized now but i dont know how its gonna change. cos its like u get a computer that promises you with stuff when you buy them

but when its gets to the time to redeem them then it looks like the companies involved just dont add up anymore. or they are not dealing anymore.

what i would advice is that make sure that you keep all documents cos some retails shops do well to chase up the respective companies for you.

  ivanharding 19:14 09 Dec 2006

Thanks for the responses - I am really not bothered about XP Home vs XP MCE vs Pro; the laptop I want has MCE preloaded (no choice) and that equates to (a supposed) free upgrade to Vista Premium (minimal charge for P&P), according to the Microsoft Web Site.

What I still can't be clear on (and it seems no-one else is either), is whether the deal has to be supported by the retailer you buy the laptop from(e.g., Comet), or the manufacturer of the laptop (in my case Sony) or Microsoft themselves. If it's either Sony or MSft (in my case), I have freedom of choice about where to purchase the laptop.....! Unsurprisingly, no retailer I spoke to seems to have a clue either, they just say they are not giving out vouchers.

And I am doing a customer workshop on Dec 21st, need a laptop for that so waiting for Vista to come out ain't an option....:-)

Cheers for everyone's help....

  Forum Editor 23:39 09 Dec 2006

as to what will happen in reality with these vouchers"

I am.

The voucher scheme is a deal made between Microsoft and certain computer manufacturers and major retailers, whereby the retailer will provide a Vista upgrade voucher with all new computers sold between certain dates (usually October 2006 to March 2007).

Note that I say "certain computer manufacturers and major retailers" - this offer isn't a blanket thing, coming direct from Microsoft to consumer. The offer is made to consumers by some manufacturers and some major retailers , and it's up to them to decide the specific terms and conditions. All Microsoft is doing is to subsidise the software licence cost to the people who make and/or sell computers, in an attempt to avoid a sales 'freeze' during which people would avoid buying a computer while they wait for the Vista launch.

  matmou 14:49 10 Dec 2006

I have just purchased the sony FE31Z from sony style uk. They have ensured me i will get a free upgrade to vista premium edition when it is available. You can see the link to it if you go to sony style uk and follow the links to purchase the laptop. When you get to the final page there is a link to windows vista and instructions what to do are 'coming soon'. I am very inpressed with this laptop and although you could get the laptop slightly cheaper from other sources the service from sony style over the phone is second to none - they do give you offers over the phone that aren't available from ordering online.
I hope this is of help to you.

  Mr Beeline 17:11 19 Dec 2006

It's not just with "new PC's", some O/L sites (not sure if it's all) if you purchase a copy of O/S (even if it's an OEM one). Komplett being the one I'm thinking about. Though I've not had mine yet!

  Stuart_Turner 16:46 21 Dec 2006

You can only claim your free version of Vista with a receipt for a PC from an 'authorised system builder'!

As ebuyer state:

"Q. Is this a "Cheap" way of obtaining Microsoft Vista.
A. No ... This product must be pre-install by the System Builder onto the fully assembled PC before the unit ships to the end user. The end user must use the reciept of his fully assembled pre installed PC to claim the upgrade and only original forms supplied by an authorised system builder will be accepted."

You can only claim your free version of Vista with a receipt from an 'authorised system builder'!

  Mr Beeline 17:06 21 Dec 2006


Be even more interested to find out what an 'authorized system builder' is!

Also interesting to see that a number (all?) O/L sites selling OEM copies of Window have used the "Vista Voucher" as an excuse to shove the cost of Windows XP up a bit! As an example, Komplett were at one point selling OEM copies of Windows "with" and "with out" the voucher, at different prices.


  Mr Beeline 22:18 21 Dec 2006

Just had a look again at Komplett's site and no where does it mention anything about having to be an 'authorised system builder'. Just printed the page off ... in case the description gets "changed".

Forum Editor

As I doubt that I'm not the only person having bought a copy of Windows XP recently, any idea how this will pan out?

Or is this just another case of Microsoft making the rules up as it goes along?

Though I build machines now for other people (and hence sell them), it's more a sideline now that I have some free time on my hands, retirement IS a wonderful thing.

Have a good Christmas and New Year everyone.

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