Vista upgrade - lost Product Key

  ian0170 14:36 13 May 2007

Hi all,

I got the upgrade CD's about two months back and opened the packaging. Thought I'd wait a bit to install it to make sure a couple of issues had been sorted and thought I'd put it all together in a safe place...

Looks like the cardboard that the disks were attached to has since been thrown away, and more importantly the Product Key!! So looks like as it stands I won't be able to upgrade... :(

Is there a way of getting another Product Key, either from Microsoft or elsewhere? Any help would be gratefully received.

  Totally-braindead 22:05 13 May 2007

I'm sorry but I doubt it, as far as I know the disks are not locked to a particular code and therefore you cannot get the code from the disk.
If you had installed it on your PC you would have been able to retreive the code but since you haven't....
You could try Microsoft but I don't hold much hope.

  stormy2k7 23:36 13 May 2007

i have a spare vista key

  Totally-braindead 23:59 13 May 2007

How do you end up with a spare Vista key - or shouldn't I ask.

  Forum Editor 00:08 14 May 2007

It's not possible to have a 'spare' Vista installation key. Each copy of Vista comes with its own key, and that's that.

  Totally-braindead 00:23 14 May 2007

Kind of thought that myself FE just didn't want to say it.

  [email protected] 00:30 14 May 2007

i heard somewhere that all the disks are the same (ultimate) and the key just unlocks the features for home basic premium etc, wonder if thats true?
i have seen a reg hack somewhere that gives homes basic aero.

  Totally-braindead 00:38 14 May 2007

Don't know about that adman 2 my Vista disk has printed on it that its the Vista Home Premium disk. I suppose it could have something else on it but my code is for the Premium so if I tried to do something else, even supposing it is there, it would fail validation.

  [email protected] 00:45 14 May 2007

i just googled it, and i think this was the site!
click here

  Pine Man 11:14 14 May 2007

adman 2 is correct the disk contains all versions and the key unlocks the version you are entitled to (legally).

  Totally-braindead 12:40 14 May 2007

adman 2 the BLOG has been archived or removed for violating the site policy, interesting.
I assume if you install the version you are not entitled to it will stop when you enter the code you have as it would be invalid.
Wonder if you could install the cheaper version, IE if your computer struggled with Vista Premium I wonder if you could choose to install Vista Basic instead?
I don't suppose anyone would choose to do this anyway as you can just shut off all the features and you end up with Vista Basic anyway.

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