Vista Updates restricting website access

  sgr_red 21:13 23 Nov 2008

I have had a few ongoing issues with vista and could use some help. about 2 months ago I ran vista update, after dowloading and installing the updates I found that I could not access certain websites, some are really basic like click here or the vista support website, some others were secure websites. I was under the impression that the issue may have been with Norton Internet Security, possibly my settings, I trouble shot that and tried to log into online chat assisstance with them however I was not able to load the chat support session, it kept "timing out", so this led me to believe I had dowloaded a virus because of what was being effected. so I ended up contacting "Norton Virus Support" who screwed around with my computer "remotely" for nearly a week and charged me $100, but still didnt fix my computer, they kept insisting that it was my ISP, so I also contacted them and they stated that everything was normal on there end, and that many of their customers were having issues with Vista and if I purchase a router that it would fix my problem "sounds like BS to me" so I refused to purchase a router after *[email protected]:ing $100 on Norton and I am already forking over $$$ to my ISP. So I ended up getting *[email protected]:ed and backing up my files and restoring my computer to its original factory settings. go figure my internet worked fine after that, I was able to access all the websites, then I was going through and setting up my computer th usual when I updated vista and installed the updates I found that I could no longer access the sites, so I narrowed it down to the Vista updates. Now perhaps when I update I need to chage a setting some where "possibly in Internet Options?" or screw it If I dont update I have no problems, anyone else had any issues like this? I dont want to go through over 60 updates to diagnose which it is, Microsoft pays people to do that, does anyone happen to know which update is doing this to my computer?

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