Vista Update killed my sound

  sniperfx20 03:51 16 Feb 2008

Computer: HP Pavilion dv6000
Problem: Audio driver issue update

Today this driver came out for my sound card, (Conexant High Definition Audio). I had ran that update as well as few others, rebooted my computer. Upon loggin on, my sound icon said "DEVICE NOT INSTALLED". i tried headphones, songs, no luck. I checked the hp website and it said:

This package contains the driver for the Conexant High Definition Audio Chip.

PURPOSE: Routine


Fixes issue where the notebook speakers do not work after headphones or earphones are used for a while and then unplugged. "

Meaning i installed some driver that my computer didnt need and now it actually caused the same problem it tried to fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Attempted Solutions:
1) I tried to re-install the driver from the website. When Windows Vista installs it (DRIVER SOFTWARE INSTALLATION Window), it begins to install but then this came up...."Please consult with your device manufacturer for assistance getting this device installed.....Conexant High Definition Audio FAILED" :(

2) I uninstalled the driver (no sound device showed in device manager). then i RE-installed the driver and the icon came back....However, it no longer said "DEVICE NOT INSTALLED" but instead says volume is at 100 but nothing comes out. Doesn't work on headphones either.

I tried everything i can but i have no idea what to do..... can anyone pLEASE! help me, thanks in advance!

  sniperfx20 03:57 16 Feb 2008

You know how HP has that little menu installed on on top of your keyboard? its like BLUE LED'S and it's touchpad???

well before and after i tried Solution 1, the mute button didn't work but when i finished Solution 2 it worked.....don't know if that help....

Also, before the roll back driver option was greyed out previously but now it is up. I'm afraid if i uninstall the driver it will go back into the "DEVICE NOT INSTALLED" state? or should i try to roll back driver and then RE-INSTALL the driver again incase it fails????

BTW the webite i got the driver from is (this software was released Feburary 2008).....

click here

  crosstrainer 08:13 16 Feb 2008

Or use system restore to a date prior to installing the new driver.

  Nelsonpby 13:35 18 Feb 2008

Also having the same problem with the windows update drivers. To fix it just run HP Total Care Advisor from your start menu.

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