Vista TV Tuner problem?

  lecram 23:34 16 Sep 2009

Hello all

My computer recently started coming up with a message suggesting that a Media Smart TV program had stopped working. I then tried updating an optional windows update relating to a DBCOMM Tv Tuner. My laptop does not have a Tuner card but I thought this might help. The update fails to install upon each attempt.Ever since I then my computer is struggling to recognise my USB modem and also hangs when I either restart it or attmept to shut it down. I have had to reboot from safe mode to force the computer to recognise my USB modem (or any external hardware).

Any suggestions?


  Woolwell 16:19 17 Sep 2009

Do you have a system restore point before trying the optional update. If so revert back to that.

  ajm 03:49 18 Sep 2009

I recently came across this problem on a client's HP Laptop. I cant rememeber if a soluton was given by Microsoft Error Reporting, but it directed me to a HP site where there was a unpdated software to resolve this issue. After downloading the update, all was well.

  ajm 03:50 18 Sep 2009
  lecram 06:43 21 Sep 2009

Unfortunately that didn't resolve my problem. My problem is actually the appearence of a "DiBcom based TV Tuner device" each time I plug my modem into the USB port.

As a result I cannot connect to the internet and am unable to shut or restart my computer. I have to hold the power button down to turn my PC off. I have followed a few steps which I found on the web in attempting to uninstall the driver from device manager, but have been unsuccessful as of yet.

I think it may have to do with an installed windows update but don't know which one. I would prefer fixing this error without reverting to a restore point if I can.


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