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  Billyke 09:30 06 Mar 2012

Hi. Just a general question...

Am I right in thinking that Microsoft's support for Vista ends next month? It looks like that on their website and includes all service packs too.

I would expect to see something in the media about but I've not seen anything (unless I've missed it).

  Bris 16:14 06 Mar 2012

That was the case but it seems that Microsoft has relented. I have just read that they will continue to issue Vista security updates for another 5 years from April this year provided the latest service pack is installed. Sigh of relief. Support is due to end on Apr 11th 2017. Enhancements and bug fixes are not included for consumer editions.

  Billyke 20:20 06 Mar 2012

Hi Bris.

Thanks for your reply. I found that date for Vista on the following link:

but I read on Microsoft's site this morning [can't remember where or find it now] that "Mainstream Support is for the consumer" and "Extended Support is only for commercial customers". The following link, point 11, supports that:

which, unless I've missed something, looks like we'll be out in the cold in about five weeks. Just thought I'd see what others have noticed.

  Bris 09:40 07 Mar 2012

Hi Bill.

Thanks for the info. I got mine from the latest ComputerActive magazine which had previously reported that support would end this April so either they have misinterpreted the situation or they know something that the rest of us dont.

It seems somewhat cynical of Microsoft to end support before the release of W8, you would at least have thought they would have the decency to keep it going until then.

I would be interested to know from others the implications of continuing to use Vista after April.

  Bris 09:54 07 Mar 2012

Hi Bill.

Just found this, looks as if we are OK afterall.


  Billyke 14:23 07 Mar 2012

Hi Guys

Had a chat with Microsoft a little while ago. I asked specifically when support for Vista will finish. I had to wait for a bit while he went off to verify it but here is the relevant part of the transcript [only the names have been changed to protect the elderly]:

Microsoft: I would like to inform you that Mainstream Support ends April 2012 and Extended Support for business ends April 2017.

Me: So to clarify - support for the consumer, like me, will definitely finish in about five weeks?

Microsoft: Yes, you are correct.

So there it is, straight from the gee-gee's mouth. Online self-help through the Knowledge Base will be available but there are no more updates.

Is it OK to panic now?

  Bris 16:27 07 Mar 2012

Hi Bill.

Did you follow my link? Seems that Microsoft havn't informed their agents of the changes. If you follow the links within my link you will find the new revised timetable.

  Billyke 21:33 07 Mar 2012

Hi Bris

Yes, I did follow your link. And I followed the two links on that page. Seems I'm not the only one unclear.

The first link shows a similar table to the one I linked to. It shows two dates: one for Mainstream Support and one for Extended Support.

I've just found a Windows Lifecycle Fact Sheet on this link:

About a third of the way down there is a question - What is the difference between Mainstream Support and Extended Support? As part of the answer it says: Please note: Extended support is only available for commercial customers. Which still leaves us consumers out in the cold.

I don't think these things are explained anywhere near as clearly or as definitively as they should be. But that's Microsoft for you.

I am feeling more and more like forgetting the whole thing and going to Ububntu. Anyone know where can I get a good anorak?

  Bris 19:00 08 Mar 2012

Hi Bill.

This is the bit I was referring to click here

As you so rightly say confusion and contradiction seems to rule at Microsoft with multiple tables and opinions contradicting one another.

I have just thrown out my old anorak otherwise you would have been quite welcome to it (going to get a new one though).

  Forum Editor 23:57 08 Mar 2012

Support for Vista SP1 ended on 12th July 2011

Support for Vista SP2 will end on 10th April 2012

Those dates are for what Microsoft calls 'mainstream' support, which is for personal customers. Extended support dates are different (further into the future), but they only apply to commercial customers.

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